Advanced Data Analytics & Predictive Tools

Analyze your data and implement predictive advanced data analytics for Industry 4.0 use cases.

How advanced data analytics works

Analyze your data, both Arch-generated and existing, and elevate your current workflows from reactive to predictive by leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning models. That’s the benefit of advanced data analytics.

Advanced Analytics Products and Services


Arch’s Advanced Data Analytics team partners with our customers to understand your data and utilize cutting-edge machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques to implement Industry 4.0 use cases, such as defect prediction, predictive maintenance, and data-directed automation. By using an Arch system to connect legacy and new machines, novel connections become possible that weren’t available to your organization before. For example, implementing Arch technology to extract data from both processing machines and testing machines can enable the classification of front-of-line condition monitoring data with end-of-line test data. By building a defect prediction classifier, we may be able to produce massive savings together, identifying defects early and acting to correct them before expensive and time-consuming steps are carried out. Reach out to us to discuss your analytics challenges.


Arch uses the open-source package IOTile Analytics as a foundation of many of our data and ML applications. IOTile Analytics is an SDK for interfacing to Arch’s IOTile Cloud for time series data extraction and processing. The SDK supports interfacing with modern Python-based data science tool stacks and Jupyter notebook-based environments. Check out IOTile Analytics on Github and read the documentation on how to do your own advanced analytics with IOTile technology. See what makes our advanced data analytics the best fit for your business.

Via 3rd party tools

The Arch IOTile Cloud provides standard and secure REST APIs that make it easy to integrate 3rd party dashboarding and advanced data analytics predictive tools from Tableau, Thoughtspot, 3rd party AWS, Azure, and Google built-in ML/AI tools like TensorFlow.

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