Industry 4.0 Applications

Helping you create a world of real-time insight, predictive intelligence, and automated decision making safely and securely with the Arch Machine Data Sensing Platform.

Machine Sensing Data

For your company, Industry 4.0 is built on available, standardized, and dependable machine sensing data. Arch is your Mulesoft for machines, your way to connect and extract data from literally any machine, legacy or new, and your platform to transform that data into standardized insights at the edge and in the cloud that feed into advanced, predictive analytics.

Factory Optimization

Predict and optimize the performance of your factory based on real-time, vendor-agnostic machine data. Visualize performance, line utilization, OEE, and status with simple red-yellow-green commands driven by data you can trust. Eliminate wasteful and frustrating audits, get rid of forms or pen and paper to fulfill your MES or ERP reporting requirements. See insights factory-by-factory, line-by-line, and machine-by-machine drilling down to the source to quickly solve problems. And once you’ve created a data-driven operation, go predictive to double down on the ROI.

Predictive Analytics

The future is now, go predictive! If defects, errors, or anomalies in your industrial process tend to repeat themselves, we can find them in the data and predict when and where they will occur. In the old world, quality measurements were always done end-of-line; scrap the bad, and sell the remaining good. In Industry 4.0, we predict quality for you at start-of-line, allowing you to fix defects, adjust inputs, and avoid errors to work towards a zero downtime, total yield future.

Sustainable Development

Arch began its life as WellDone Technology, retrofitting legacy wells in Africa with sensors so that people could have sustainable access to drinking water. The WellDone mission is also Arch’s mission, and as such, we provide the building blocks of our Industry 4.0 technology to for-impact and non-profit partners far and wide who are leveraging data-driven insights to advance the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. See where we are working and let us know how we could partner to expand this for-impact work.

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