View and act on insights with real time productivity dashboards.

How it works

Dashboards allow you to visualize the state of your factory and understand where to focus your time.

Dashboard Products and Services

Utilization and OEE Dashboards

Arch provides a universal application for utilization and OEE monitoring viable across any make or model of equipment you have. From the global level down to individual stations, see real-time and historical metrics that can help you drive process efficiencies. Factory Scheduler and Run Charts lets you view planned vs. unplanned downtime. Downtime reasons and root cause analysis can be unlocked as well either by using an Arch companion app and having operators enter live reasons or by increasing data capture on the machine and working with the Arch Analytics team to train a model. This will let you see the biggest factors affecting performance on an hour-by-hour basis and drive consistent improvement.

Equipment utilization and OEE standardization have been shown to significantly increase productivity. They also serve as a foundation to implement more advanced automation and Industry 4.0 initiatives such as predictive analytics.

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Factory KPIs for Multi-Plant Operations

Arch delivers global aggregate dashboards and analytics to multiple Fortune 1000s with sites across the world.  Our platform is enterprise-grade with the ability to group data by region and site down to the individual machine level as well as by customer jobs and products. Connect your C-suite to your line managers with powerful KPIs and drive organization-wide efficiency gains.

Shipping Tracker Dashboards

Along with the POD-1M motion sensor device, Arch provides an integrated shipping tracker application for managing product shipments and monitoring shock, vibration, temperature, humidity, and pressure. See time-series data for each of the variables as well as zoom-in on specific events to inspect the waveforms of each shock or vibration of interest. Run advanced analytics reports and look at the power spectral density envelope of vibrations along an entire trip. Analyze by geography, by route, or by product or packaging type. Manage your fleet of devices and see trips in progress to help track your holistic logistic operation.

Management Dashboards

Your system is only as good as your management of it. Arch provides dashboards for users, devices, and data administrations that enable power users to customize as necessary to make IOTile Cloud work for your organization. In addition, our admin site contains a visual API and download access to raw data.

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