Data Extraction

With data extraction, access your data from any machine in the world

How the Arch Factory Exchange Works

From one or more of our data extraction methods, we get raw data from machines that can be translated into insights via our machine models and edge and cloud computing.

Data Extraction Technologies

Data Extraction and Sensor PODs

Measure the conditions of your machine or the environment around it with our POD sensor library. Our POD-1M contains a high-end accelerometer for shock and vibration as well as temperature, humidity, and pressure measurements. Our POD-1G provides a general input-output (IO) interface that can be paired with temperature probes, humidity sensors, light sensors, beam breaks, and more, digitizing these sensor signals and then sending them out wirelessly to access points and on to the edge or cloud. All Arch PODs can be quickly reconfigured at the hardware level by changing IOTiles® or at the firmware level by configuring the SensorGraph™, an Arch built interface and language that makes it easy and operation-safe to change functions such as polling time or communication intervals. Reach out to scope what sensors can augment or simulate machine data in your operation with data extraction.

Data Extraction with Connector PODs

Arch’s POD-1C provides a general connector interface with a variety of accessories that allow you to plug into PLCs, serial ports, conveyors, and other new and legacy machine ports to capture pulses, general signals, or data traffic in order to understand machine performance. Arch PODs run a firmware program called SensorGraph Pipelines™ that makes it easy to set up stages of signal processing and analytics to convert raw data into machine events or insights directly on the POD. Check out our starter kits with the SMEMA accessory for SMT lines, the PLC accessory for connecting to general PLCs, or get in touch with us to find out how we can connect to your systems.

Log Reading

Arch provides log reading capabilities to extract, parse, and load logs from industrial machines. Our edge platform processes logs in real-time filtering noise to extract standard messages that are managed by the Factory Edge Server. The data from these logs, like all other sources of data, can be used for standard metrics, dashboarding, or to feed data lakes for machine learning and AI initiatives. Contact our team to talk about ingesting machine logs and implementing machine analytics together.

IOTap Data Extraction

The IOTap data extraction method involves connecting directly to the digital protocol of the machine’s inner working and mapping activity to a digital twin of the machine.  The IOTap sends data to a small mini-computer that hosts the digital model and is an edge node on the Arch network from which both simple metrics or rich data can be extracted to the Factory Edge Server or to the Cloud.

This method is ideal for machines that don’t produce useful logs or perhaps don’t produce any logs at all. It is also good for custom-built or system-integrator-assembled machines like assembly or testing machines that are unique to only your company. These machines may contain high levels of your proprietary and very valuable data that you don’t yet have in useable form. Contact us to talk about the IOTap method and how we can help you convert your machines into intelligent nodes.

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