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State-of-the-art, innovative data collection and utilization tools to optimize your factory. That’s how we do smart manufacturing.

Smart Manufacturing, Machine OEE,

and Factory Metrics


Factories depend on metrics, overall equipment efficiency (OEE), first pass yield (FPY), and more to run their operation.  Today, many collect data manually, sometimes painfully, with errors, and process it via spreadsheets or perhaps through a home-built MES-like system. Your only way to measure utilization and performance may be using expensive operator time to fill out forms or using inaccurate estimates (like guessing from shift hours, square footage, or some other rule-of-thumb). Your new machines may have dashboards (for an additional cost?) that provide insight to those single machines, but what about the line? How do you get insight about the plant?

Arch knows how to handle both your legacy machines and the data you already have to complete the picture. Our sensors and software ensure utilization and performance ground-truth data is collected in real-time, automatically processed and presented into reports and real-time dashboards. By integrating with your systems, we put together the OEE picture and allow you to understand your entire plant as well as see line-by-line and machine-by-machine metrics that help you hit targets, manage downtime, make decisions on CAPEX purchasing, and more.

“Arch is being deployed across many of our digital factories to capture the relevant analytics that help us drive production efficiencies, process automation, and predictive analytics. They can pull raw data from new and existing machines to help us generate actionable metrics.  We are very excited with our partnership; their technology is very impressive.”

– Gus Shahin, CIO Flex

Line Utilization (LU)


Line utilization is an important metric for both plant managers optimizing their P&L as well as the asset management team that controls the CAPEX spend. Utilization numbers are often inaccurate (rough estimates or manual poorly-filled-in forms) or are expensive and slow to collect.  Decisions tend to be made more on gut feel than on data. This may work for an individual line, but the errors tend to increase as the scope of the decision increases for large factories or across multiple sites.

Using data utilization tools, we provide real-time and historical line utilization insights via real data collected from your machines that don’t take up the expensive time of your operators and cannot be falsified or typo’d. From decisions on when to purchase new machines, how to allocate staff, when to rebalance, and more, these insights are a critical companion that help our partners make better and faster decisions.

“It’s always a battle to get approval for new equipment – endless emails back and forth with the CAPEX group to ‘prove’ why we need it. Now that we’re both working off the same Arch utilization dashboards, it’s much easier. It’s still not ‘easy’ to get approval, but at least I don’t have my team spending days gathering the data and building the justification spreadsheets.”

– Plant Manager, Server Manufacturer

NPI (New Product Introduction) Ramp


When are your machines running and pumping out product? When are they sitting idle and stuck on the next bottleneck to solve? Which bottlenecks are the worst each day and when are they occurring? Consumers and businesses are demanding NPI faster and faster, and the time and cost of ramping a new product has become increasingly more important. This is where smart manufacturing comes in.

Having an Arch system in place allows you to use Run Chart dashboards to view machine uptime and downtime. Analyzing the Pareto of downtime reasons lets you tackle problems one at a time. Progress Dashboards track the baseline against your goals and cut the time between issue and resolution. You can help your teams cut their NPI ramp time by keeping them tightly coordinated and informed by data they can trust.

“We used run charts at my previous company on a daily basis. It was core to how we did work. Now, I’m working with outsourced manufacturers that don’t use these tools. I had to be on the line to figure out what was happening and where the problems were. Arch’s data and dashboards allow me to quickly identify when there’s a problem, where it is, and drive the right person to fix it.”

– Manufacturing Program Manager, Fortune 50 OEM

Smart Manufacturing Customer Impact


Customers want to know what’s going on. Their desire to know their WIP (Work in Progress) and reconfirm delivery dates is a constant overhead. Top brands are increasingly demanding track-and-trace data on where, when, and how their products are produced. Providing this level of data requires investing in not only the data collection but also the ability to provide the data in a secure, authorized fashion. Let Arch work with you to put a solution in place that allows you to provide the data that you want to share with only the people that need to see it.

“I didn’t realize how far behind I’d gotten on data-driven manufacturing until we were trying to win a new contract from a top brand. We had some of the niche capabilities that the product needed, which brought them to the table, but when their process team started asking for real-time metrics and machine condition data linked to each product, we had no answers. Arch knew how to answer though. We needed to invest to grow and differentiate ourselves again.”

– Owner, Tier 2 CM

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