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IOTile Companion Mobile App

IOTile supports local trusted interactions over Bluetooth from authorized users smart phones. Arch maintains the IOTile Companion Mobile App available on both the iOS and Google Play App Stores for free download and use with a registered account.

The IOTile Companion Mobile App is used to interact with devices in realtime as well as to setup new devices or configure settings locally. The app is designed to function in areas with and without any smart phone connectivity. The users’ smart phone, in addition to setup and debug, can also act as a mobile gateway itself. Users download all data into the phone and can upload it immediately or whenever the smart phone has internet access. This process is managed by robust reports to ensure data is never lost from the hardest to reach areas.

For enterprise customers, Arch can create custom skins allowing for a unique mobile app experience. We maintain our own custom skins for each application that Arch provides. IOTile also supports the creation of stand-alone mobile apps to interact with authorized IOTile networks.