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Your own solution

The inherently modular and flexible nature of IOTile means that we can produce new edge devices 10x faster and cheaper than ever before. We can make custom devices for you built-to-order! Here’s how it works:

  1. Request your specs
  2. We analyze if we have the tiles needed already in our library
    • If so, we can do something that was never possible before. We combine them automatically and produce a customized device for you within just weeks for zero design NRE cost!
    • If we do not have all the tiles yet, we charge per new tile needed. We typically charge $10k for a completely new tile, never more than $50k for the most complicated ones, and nothing else for complete integration, DFM, and manufacturing spin-up.
  3. You can begin receiving your own custom devices within weeks.

That’s compared to an industry average of $300k and 9 to 18 months if you are lucky, to get a production-ready device (hardware, firmware, and integration) in your hands. Production-ready devices over an order of magnitude faster and 6 to 30 times less cost!

Excited yet? Let us know what you want built and how many!