Logistics Sensors

Monitor velocity, loss, and damage of machines or packages in your supply chain.

How it works

Monitor velocity, loss, and damage in your logistics utilizing Arch devices, which include the POD-1M, an award-winning, high-end shock/vibe sensor, and our 3rd-party integrated GPS/cellular devices.

Logistics Sensors Products and Services

POD-1M Shipping Tracker

Arch’s POD-1M is a bluetooth shipping tracker device purpose-built for precision equipment and fragile goods.  It provides best-in-class accuracy, environmental data, wireless through-the-crate access, remote data uploads via Bluetooth, and easy integration to our open source software or your development stack.  The device is available for 10x cheaper at matching or higher quality than the current market leaders in high-end shipping data loggers. Key attributes include:

1)   High Dynamic Range and Resolution – From sub-1G mild shocks, vibrations to 200G, impacts, and a wide range of temperature, humidity, and pressure—to cover the environments industrial products can really experience—without missing a beat.

2)   Impressive Battery Life – Four months of battery life during continuous measuring of shock and vibration with “pre-trigger data,” meaning the entire waveform is always captured.

3)   Bluetooth wireless, certified and FAA approved – Bluetooth signals allow data to be collected through shipping crates and packaging, allowing you to understand and differentiate product health and package design vs. logistical treatment.  The device is built for multi-modal transportation, trucks, trains, boats, and international air travel including use in high-security environments.

The POD-1M is available for partners and developers.  Buy a POD-1M developer kit and bring enhanced visibility into your supply chain product or solution today.

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