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Arch Systems POD-1 IOTile Flowchart

Arch Systems provides a secure, robust solution for your remote monitoring and control needs. Our complete device-to-cloud platform is based on a modular architecture that allows us to move from lean, cost-effective prototypes to production solutions literally within weeks. Data can be stored and visualized through our cloud or passed robustly via our API for your own storage and custom application. The existing system connects via Bluetooth Low Energy to your mobile phone or tablet or to our Bluetooth Gateway. Other communication options will be available soon.

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POD-1 with Arch Sticker
POD-1: IOTile™ Device

POD-1 is a 2-Tile IoT device for industrial-grade Bluetooth sensing and control. It comes with a Bluetooth Low Energy controller that manages secure and robust data transmission, and contains one of a number of peripheral Tiles:

  • GPIO Tile for pulse counting, digital, and analog
  • Modbus and USB Tile for industrial equipment
  • Accelerometer Tile for vibration monitoring
  • Your Tile, ask about your need!

POD-1 comes with a NEMA 4, weather-proof, corrosion-resistant enclosure and provides multiple mounting options that make it viable for a wide array of indoor and outdoor environments.


IOTile Companion App Login Screen
Mobile app and Gateway

The IOTile Companion Mobile App and Gateway are purpose-built to relay robust and secure data between the device and cloud. The mobile app is used to setup new devices, configure settings, and interact with devices in realtime. The app is designed to function in areas with or without connectivity, which makes it a robust solution for remote locations. Data logged by the mobile app or gateway is not deleted from Arch hardware until a secure communication confirms that the data has been successfully uploaded and stored in the cloud.

The IOTile Companion App is available on both the iOS and Google Play App Stores.


IOTile cloud login screen
IOTile Cloud

IOTile Cloud is a robust and flexible platform for secure device-to-cloud bidirectional communication. It provides both device and data management utilities. Data can be stored and visualized through our cloud directly or passed robustly via our API for your own storage and custom applications. Contact us to find out about the device and data management and dashboards we already provide or how your technology can integrate with IOTile.