Machine Data Sensing Platform

Get a better sense of things across your entire manufacturing supply chain

with real-time, predictive insights.

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ArchFX Factory Exchange

Standardize data in any format from any machine from any vendor.


View and act on insights with Arch’s web and mobile dashboards or build your own with custom dashboarding or integrations to great 3rd party visualization tools.

Advanced Analytics

Analyze your data, both Arch-generated and existing. Elevate your current workflows from reactive to predictive with cutting edge machine learning and AI.

Factory Sensors

Equip your manufacturing line with out-of-the-box sensor kits that extract meaningful data based on proven use cases.

Machine Models

Transform your raw machine data into insights with machine models and digital twins. Deploy these models on the cloud or the edge to maximize performance.

Sustainable Development Sensors

Partner with us to bring Industry 4.0 technology to Sustainable Development including monitoring water wells and income-generating machines.

Build it Yourself

Visit the IOTile Store to develop solutions right for you.

Water Meter Kit

Monitor any pulse or 4-20mA water meter in the field with Arch’s POD-1G and water meter software application. View flow rates and volume aggregation and output the data in standard reports or integrate with 3rd party tools.

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