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Real-time, predictive insights

directly from your manufacturing machines

Unleash the Power of Trapped Machine Data

The ArchFX Platform collects and contextualizes data from electronics manufacturing machines, providing a comprehensive view of factory operations and actionable changes within them.

Arch® Global KPIs Solution for Electronics Manufacturing

The Arch® Global KPIs Solution gives manufacturers an accurate, continuously up-to-date view of the performance of their global manufacturing operations. Employees at every level can now focus on the best opportunities for improving manufacturing operations performance and asset utilization.

A Solution to Improve Productivity and Manufacturing Operations

Automatic data from every machine that tells you 1) what your utilization is, 2) where the root
causes are, and 3) the non-obvious actions to drive meaningfully toward your utilization targets.

The Arch® Global KPIs Solution gives manufacturers an incredibly powerful 3-part offering:

  1. An accurate, continuously up-to-date view of the performance of global manufacturing operations,
  2. Important insights about where the utilization losses are,
  3. Actionable insights to recapture valuable losses.

This solution empowers employees at every level to focus on the best opportunities for improving manufacturing operations, performance, and asset utilization.

Empower Staff

Give asset managers, equipment engineers, and manufacturing operators at every location
and level the ability to identify opportunities and take initiative to improve utilization

Global, regional, site, area, line and machine views give your employees immediate visibility.

From here, they they can improve results and are empowered to make decisions in real time.


Maximize SMT Line Utilization

Protect and accelerate the ROI of your existing assets and new investments

As you harness the power of your data, expect to add 5-10% utilization, achieving over 5x ROI with a sub 6 months payback. Some some manufacturers can achieve as much as 20-40% gains based on advanced insights.

Machine Data

One of the most valuable assets available to any manufacturer

As technology frees up more data, it’s critical that your data quickly identifies root causes and drives decisive forward movement with actionable analytics.

We collaborate with the world’s leading SMT vendors, including ASM, Fuji, Koh Young, ViTrox and more to provide rich data and actionable insights for SMT manufacturers.


Advanced SMT Machine Insights

Insights to improve utilization and throughput with high quality benchmarks

via ML advanced analytics on complex SMT data sets

Session Analytics

  • Intensive view of utilization over a specific work order to identify recipe imbalances vs operational losses and frame what you could have gotten back by restructuring your work.

Error Event Analysis

  • Understand top stops like fiducial measurement errors and fix the right things at the right times.

Feeder Analyzer

  • Sort through the extensive data of mispicks and identify the hotspots with positive ROI for preventative maintenance.


A Successful Partner

Production deployments in 15 countries over 5 continents and teams stationed in 5 countries

Arch Systems is the partner of choice for electronics manufacturers, working in 4 of the top 10 EMS companies. We have successful deployments, both 100% remote and in-person, in 15 countries over 5 continents.

For qualified SMT and electronics manufacturers, we provide low-cost, low-risk trials of our product. Let us walk with you from Industry 3.0 to 4.0 and build a data-driven operation together.


Industry 4.0 Machine Data Platform

Data from any machine, new or legacy, powering real-time and predictive analytics

Building upon a common software procedure Extract (E) Transform (T), Load (L), ArchFX deploys a 4-step approach to transforming your machine data into real business value:

  • LOAD

Want to learn how ArchFX can work for your manufacturing operations?

Customer Story

From Legacy Machines to Manufacturing Intelligence

How Flex uses ArchFX to connect and analyze all Surface Mount Technology (SMT) lines globally

Watch as John Wrenn, Chief Technology Officer, Information Technology for Flex, discusses the initiative that won Flex a 2020 Manufacturing Leadership Council Award for Enterprise Integration Technology Leadership

“Arch is being deployed across many of
our digital factories to capture the relevant
analytics that help us drive production
efficiencies, process automation, and
predictive analytics. They can pull raw data
from new and existing machines to help
us generate actionable metrics. We are
very excited with our partnership; their
technology is very impressive.”

CIO, Flex


Unlocking even more advanced insights from all your combined machine data

Solder Printing

Operators often report that 80% of all errors can be attributed back to solder issues. Data from these machines can unlock critical quality insights.


Solder Paste Inspection (SPI), Automated Optical Inspection (AOI), and X-ray Inspection (AXI) machines generate data that unlocks valuable operational insights.

Assembly & Test

Productivity across the backend is critical. In-Circuit Testing (ICT) and Functional Tests (FT) produce rich data for quality and utilization analysis.


Unlocking trapped machine data, like that from your PnP machines, can lead to advanced analytics for your entire SMT line

The PnP machine is the workhorse of the SMT line, and there’s a lot this one machine can tell you about the other machines on the line.

Attrition rates from feeders, blocks, starves; these reports are a valuable tool for any SMT manufacturer looking to capture higher line utilization (LU) and increase ROI from machine assets.

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