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Flow Equipment Monitoring

Retrofit and OEM flow meter connectivity from legacy to modern intelligence.

1. connect both legacy and modern flow equipment

2. track standard usage and anomalies

3. optimize resource use and maintenace

Flow equipment managing water, steam, gasses, oil, and gas are key components for many industrial and commercial systems. With Arch, existing flow equipment can be efficiently retrofit for remote data collection that enables:

  • Accumulation and use tracking
  • Flow variable data-logging
  • Notifications of anomalous behavior such as low-flow or near-empty status to prevent unnecessary down time

These basic applications can be combined with other sensors and processing for more sophisticated end-to-end solutions to:

  • Predict replacement time for process inputs
  • Optimize usage of fluid or gas inputs in a process
  • Provide predictive maintenance of fluid or gas systems
  • Collect data across distributed flow systems and understand both real time and historical trends across fleets
  • And more ...

Also see our specific water meter solution.

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