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Pressure Monitoring

wireless retrofit solution for 4-20 mA pressure monitoring

1. Wireless sensors for pressure monitoring

2. Track system status and understand line health

3. Optimize resource use and maintenance

Pressure is a particularly important variable in systems that flow liquid or gas resources, specifically in water treatment, steam, processing plants, and more. Pressure acts as a direct proxy to line health across a large variety of systems. Is low pressure from the pump a sign that maintenance is required? Is the pressure too high such that components will be damaged or is it too low to provide the necessary irrigation? With remote detection capabilities, problems can be identified before they cause lasting damage. Arch provides wireless POD devices for data logging and remote monitoring that are compatible with all major pressure transducers.

Arch PODs can be easily configured in the field with our mobile app, and data can be gathered via the same mobile app via our simple click ‘1-2-3’ modality, or deployed gateways for real time monitoring.

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