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Retrofit Connectivity

Many of the most important physical systems across industries cannot be simply ‘plugged in’ to the so-called ‘Internet of Things’. There is no single protocol for industrial sensing, not for control, not for communication. So while the world fixates on the ‘billions and trillions’ of things, many of the most important things, which are much smaller in number, remain unaddressed and unconnected.

IOTile solves this. We created the first completely-modular industrial framework. Now you can plug-and-play input-output (IO) modules, plug-and-play connectivity, and plug-and-play the cloud to simply and cost-effectively network the diverse set of equipment and tools you use.

1. IOTile modularity across a wide array of protocols

Digital/Analog IO

  • Digital pulses
  • Other serial protocols
  • 4-20 mA
  • Other analog inputs

New sensors needed?
Motion, vibration, shock, temperature, humidity, pressure, light spectrum, gas or liquid flow, and more.

2. Intelligent connectivity optimized for each unique data flow

Optimized based on data type

  • Time-driven vs event-driven data
  • High-rate vs low-rate data
  • Optimizing collection rate vs transmission rate
  • Cloud vs edge compute

Optimized across communication protocols, including hybrid networks:

  • Bluetooth
  • WiFi
  • Cellular
  • Ethernet
  • LoRa (Long Range RF)

3. End-to-end solutions with robust enterprise integration

Complete end-to-end applications

  1. Add more granular monitoring, alerts, and anomaly detection to your operation
  2. Build a unique sensor network for predictive maintenance and system-wide health monitoring
  3. Roll-out sensor-driven solutions with intelligent edge devices for secure and robust systems

Build for the future today.
Don't store expensive unlabeled data without a clear use case ever again. Use our patent-pending data ingestor to optimize the storage and collection of data for present value.

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