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High-Value Shipments

Cradle to grave tracking and intelligence for high-value and important shipments

1. Top-end sensors at an affordable price

Top-end motion detection (shock, vibration), temperature, humidity, pressure, and/or location. Radically low prices made possible by our patented modular solution.

2. Connectivity across the supply chain

Pick the right connectivity for the job. Bluetooth trackers and our cross-platform WiFi / cellular / Ethernet gateway provide options to optimize your supply chain network.

3. Custom configured applications

We partner with companies to make premium applications. We custom configure our shipping tracker application for you, or you can use our API to build your own.

Arch is trusted by Fortune 500 shippers sending the most valuable and fragile products around the world. We analyze high-precision motion data and environmental variables, such as temperature, humidity, and pressure, to alert you to problems.

Customer partnerships have driven the creation of an easy-to-use product that streamlines and automates much of the traditional shipment tracking process. Arch Systems’ disruptively low-cost, Bluetooth® shipping tracker enables remote data upload through the crate, automated trip analysis and alerts, in a cloud-based system customized to your needs.

Arch offers multiple connectivity options from Bluetooth trackers, to LoRa (beta) to cellular plans. Bluetooth trackers work with any smart phone for interactive and low-cost solutions, while our cellular plans provide real-time connectivity for our gateways anywhere in the world. The Arch gateway systems enable automatic package tracking in your logistics hubs.

Gain visibility across your supply chain, minimize damage claims, and reduce your insurance premiums. Increase customer satisfaction and decrease costs by identifying and fixing shipping damage before the shipment reaches your customer.

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