Supply Chain Tracking

Get a better sense of things across your supply chain.

Monitor shipment health across your supply chain

Industry 4.0 Track-and-Trace is here


For shippers, being able to track and trace the history of a given shipment and identifying the precise place, conditions, and context of any incidents is key to guaranteeing a tightly run operation. With such a track-and-trace platform, supply chains can be stabilized, utilization maximized, routes optimized, packaging tailored to prevent damage or to eliminate extra unneeded cost, CO2 emissions lowered, and contracts automated. Smart contracts become possible, insurance claims can be automated with premiums dramatically reduced, and shippers can achieve faster revenue recognition. For 3PLs or packaging consultants, this technology can mean value-add services you can provide to your clients to help you win the best customers and lock in their loyalty. The advent of inexpensive and low-power sensors like MEMs, microcontrollers, cloud computing and powerful data processing has made new technology possible, heralding a new industrial wave of supply-chain technology.

Arch IOTile PODs are available for partners and developers in the shipping and supply chain spaces to integrate into your products and solutions.  Our POD-1M device provides lab-quality shock-and-vibration and environmental monitoring for 10x lower cost than leading data loggers and with unmatched battery lifetime, 4 months of continuous measurement.  The device is Bluetooth enabled and compatible with open source software tools.   For enterprise partners, Arch’s Factory Access Points and Edge computing technology can be combined with these units to drive integration and automation at the MES/WMS/ERP level.  

“Arch has demonstrated excellence in executing on Industry 4.0.  Their products are robust, built for industrial use, and they easily deploy at an enterprise scale.  We’re proud to be partnered with them to build next-generation industrial intelligence that is already saving millions of dollars and achieving unprecedented efficiency.”

– Supreet Oberoi, VP of IoT at Oracle

Shock/vibe monitoring of precision equipment


For many companies, damage, loss, and delay in shipping can cost from one half to one percent of the company’s gross margin. Sometimes sources of damages are clear, but other times they are not. Who is at fault, who has to pay when problems occur?

Shock and vibrations are known as leading causes of damage in shipment, whether from airplane turbulence, speed bumps, trains rocking, or just being dropped from a forklift.  Manufacturers and shippers need to know precisely what has happened, when it happened, and where it happened to make the right decisions.

Arch has taken the accuracy and precision of million-dollar testing equipment and packed it into a small, low-cost IoT device that can be packaged with every single shipment.  See the device specifications here.

“We’ve been using top-quality lab equipment for two decades to understand how to ship our precision equipment safely and more recently starting capturing data from the field. Before Arch, we used two to five thousand dollar data loggers to get the data quality we needed. That data was manually downloaded, and we would spend hours sorting through it to create excel summaries.  Going back to find data was challenging, and analysis across the data was a huge burden. We switched to Arch and have a POD-1M installed on 100% of the machines we ship, which now sends data to the cloud with data processing and analysis automation. We’re currently saving over $1M a year in supply chain optimization.”

– Engineering Director, Fortune 1000 Semiconductor Equipment Company

Cold chain and environmental monitoring


Many products are sensitive to minor changes in temperature, humidity, or other environmental variables beyond shock and vibration. Arch’s POD-1M has high quality built in environmental monitoring.  The POD-1G can also be used to interface with any 3rd party sensor to add environmental monitoring to your product or solution. 

“We’re developing smart contract technology that will allow us to complete or deny the final delivery of a shipment based on a complete data record of the temperature and humidity. Essentially the Arch sensor can act as a key, where the lock is only opened if the ground truth data shows an acceptable pattern. If the shipment is damaged, we don’t ever want it delivered, which in turn allows us to minimize our risk profile to our customers as well as insurers and provide an altogether different level of service.”

– R&D Leader, Global 2000 Technology Company

GPS location tracking


GPS tracking is nothing new, with the global satellite system being up and available since 1994. But the cost of GPS tracking has never been less. More importantly, the integration of location data with shock, vibration, and environmental context completes the track-and-trace picture of ‘what’ happened as well as ‘where’. With these capabilities combined, shippers are able to understand the flow of their goods to and from key locations, identify risks to damage, delay, and loss, take immediate action for current shipments, and analyze and reconstruct their operations for predictive optimization.

If you are a manufacturer, Arch maintains a list of GPS/cellular partners developing solutions for different use cases that we can help you connect with.  If you are a GPS/Cellular provider, get in touch to find out how we might build better solutions together. 

A single place for data management

Arch’s philosophy is grounded in open source technology and standards driving unification of IoT solutions through partnerships.  If you have an existing solution and IOTile technology or PODs can fill the gaps, contact us to find out how our technology could be integrated.  For enterprise manufacturing customers, Arch provides the ArchFX Broker, a data standardization engine that can accept raw data from all kinds of legacy formats, your WMS/MES/ERP, csv archives, 3rd party or older sensors or devices, as well as our or other modern devices, and converts them all into one data standard.   This gives you one place to securely and efficiently manage your data lake. With a modern REST API and SDKs optimized for dashboarding and analytics, the power is in your hands to put all of your data to work. That’s what Arch is, your bridge from legacy to new.

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Welcome Eric to the Arch Team!

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