Sustainable Development

Using Industry 4.0 technology to help fight global poverty

We make the building blocks of Industry 4.0 technology available for sustainable development.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 1: End poverty in all its forms everywhere


The United Nations’ (UN) Sustainable Development Goal 1 is to end poverty in all its forms everywhere.

A core part of Arch’s mission is to make the building blocks of Industry 4.0 technology available for social-impact partnerships aimed at these sustainable development goals. Arch is a hybrid social enterprise, a for-profit company that partners with the top manufacturers and industrial companies in the world to develop cutting-edge Industry 4.0 solutions while simultaneously generating open-source technology and using open-adoption partnership models with for-impact and non-profit organizations.  The goal is to make top industrial technology simultaneously available to those that could not otherwise afford it, thereby advancing global equity.

Today, most of our active efforts involve using variations of the POD-1G, general-purpose POD device, to collect forms of sensor data, collected via low-cost mobile phones, into the cloud where custom applications can be built for such things as water well monitoring and grain production monitoring. Data is key to the Industry 4.0 revolution, and legacy machines are everywhere outside of the developed world. Arch’s technology can be used to get high-quality data from literally any machine, making it a natural fit for the myriad variety of legacy machines that exist in the developing world. The legacy problem is more acute here than anywhere else and serves as a key stumbling block for industry to catch up.

In particular, we are focused on Sustainable Development Goals 6, for water availability, and 9, for sustainable industrialization and manufacturing. Fundamentally, however, we support any effort that aims at alleviating global poverty that can gain from monitoring legacy machines.

For our social-impact partners, we provide access to low-cost technology and pro-bono support given by our passionate team. If you are working towards sustainable development and see a way that Arch’s Industry 4.0 technology can help, Get Started, we’d love to discuss partnership options to expand this for-impact work.

UN Sustainable Development Goal 6: Ensure available and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all


Arch began its life as WellDone Technology, retrofitting legacy wells in Africa with sensors so that people could have sustainable access to drinking water. The idea is simple: in developed areas of the world, people take water access for granted. It just works. And if it doesn’t, someone, a utility or services business, has typically already been notified or is a call away to fix it. In non-developed areas, that’s usually not the case. Water sources are distributed and there is a complete lack of maintenance services available. Charities and non-profits worldwide have poured money into building new wells, which is the right start of the solution, but statistics reveal that around 40% of these wells end up broken and never fixed months after being installed. In manufacturing-speak, that’s massive unplanned downtime!

What if it was as easy, low-cost, and robust as the Industry 4.0 systems in the world’s top factories to retrofit rural drinking wells with sensors that remotely monitored well health? What if you could have a map of the data in the cloud, seeing each well across a country, working or broken, and how much water people needed vs. how much they were receiving?

Arch Systems and WellDone International have been partnered since the founding of Arch in 2015 to help make such technology a reality, and with it to join with the other organizations around the world trying to complete the job of UN Sustainable Development Goal 6: Ensure available and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.

If you are also working towards Goal 6 and see the value of Arch’s Industry 4.0 technology, Get Started, we’d love to discuss partnership options to expand this for-impact work.

“We started in Tanzania, working with the Arch team to build a device similar to the POD-1G model with a capacitive sensor to monitor well uptime and downtime. Now we are developing a more generic version of the flow-meter monitoring technology, also based on Arch POD-1G, mobile, and cloud technology, to work on all Afridev and India Mark II pumps in areas from Africa to South America and Asia. Whether you are a fellow non-profit with project ideas, a for-profit with other technology pieces to share, or funding agency, we hope you will join us in helping solve UN Sustainable Development Goal 6 and bring reliable water to all.”

– Addison Nuding, Executive Director WellDone International

UN Goal 9: Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation.

Manufacturing is a critical industry for many countries’ economies worldwide. It is a source of jobs and wealth that supports the livelihood of people all around the world and is a key vector along which inequality could be perpetrated or equality could be spread depending on how resources are allocated. Tipping the balance towards equality is the aim of UN Sustainable Development Goal 9: Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation.

Arch’s Industry 4.0 technology is in use by top manufacturers around the world to retrofit legacy machines as well as new modern machines and create a complete data infrastructure on top of which predictive analytics and AI can be implemented. Our goal is to bring these same technologies to non-developed areas and make them available sooner than they otherwise would be in a pure free-market economy, helping accelerate the shift towards equality.

Through a recent collaboration with Factor[e] Ventures, Arch and Factor[e] are developing a soon-to-be-available rotation monitoring device and application based on POD-1G, mobile, and cloud technology. This device can be attached to a variety of legacy, 3rd world appliances and measure the rotation of motors or other rotating components. Typically this is a signal that can be easily correlated to the utilization and performance of the machine, revealing information such as overall equipment efficiency, total use, energy load profile and more.

In this video, the Factor[e] team explains how measuring load profiles on such machines is a key enabling factor to using distributed energy, such as solar, to support local production facilities that are disconnected from centralized grids.  Read more.





This is one of many applications that are possible with data infrastructure in place. If you are also working towards Goal 9 and generally promoting manufacturing in emerging markets and see the value of Arch’s Industry 4.0 technology, Get Started, we’d love to discuss partnership options to expand this for-impact work.

“The work we’re doing is just the start, but we hope it will inspire many more to join us. The rotation monitoring device that Arch and Factor[e] are developing is a tool for monitoring legacy machines in these rural communities, such as agri-processing machines. Our goal at the end of our collaboration is to complete a product that many people can use in the field immediately for any machine that is driven by a pulley wheel or similar. Reach out and let us know how you could use this device to monitor the machines you are interested in!”

– Amanda DelCore, Associate Factor[e] Ventures

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