Get a better SENSE of things

with predictive analytics

Arch provides the only Machine Data Sensing Platform compatible with both new and legacy machines, allowing real-time and predictive analytics to be gathered from any industrial machine.

COVID-19 Remote-Only Installations

We have a proven history of successful remote-only installations with our customers, and are here to assist you during this time of COVID-19. See how Arch is assisting manufacturers in their factories during these challenging times.

The Industry 4.0 Standard

Arch makes sensing data from industrial machines common sense for business and the planet.

Arch digitizes legacy and new factory machines to give you real-time and predictive insights from your factory

Drive productivity
Use machine data to optimize and predict performance, ramping to throughput targets up to twice as fast with down to half the cost.

Impress your customers
Quality is king and on-time delivery is essential for your customers. Top brands are over 5x more likely to partner with a digitized manufacturer.

Works with any machine
You don’t have to replace your legacy machines. Leverage an agnostic platform that can standardize data from all machine types, legacy and new.

Agile and Modular
Your factory is unique. Test and learn with modular hardware and software that can be iterated in days and ramped up in weeks to get the solution you need.

Arch makes its IOTile building blocks available to partners and developers everywhere for remote monitoring of machines in the field

Completely Modular
Utilize modular hardware and software that works together seamlessly out-of-the-box.

Implement Quickly
Test and learn with a sensing platform that can be installed in days and be fullyoperational in weeks.

Works with any machine
Arch’s modular technology is easily customized for different machine types. Use an existing solution from our library or partner with us to piece together the solution that you need.

Built for legacy machine
Arch’s open source technology is purpose-built to retrofit legacy machines and give them Industry 4.0 capabilities. Partner with us to bring this technology where it is most needed.

Predict and Optimize Operations

Machine Sensing Data


For your company, Industry 4.0 is built on available, standardized, and dependable machine sensing data. Arch is your Mulesoft for machines, your way to connect and extract data from literally any machine, legacy or new, and your platform to get standardized insights at the edge and the cloud that feed into advanced, predictive analytics.



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Predict and Optimize Operations

Factory Optimization


Predict and optimize the performance of your factory based on real-time, vendor-agnostic machine data. Visualize performance, line utilization, OEE, and status with simple red-yellow-green commands driven by data you can trust. Eliminate wasteful and frustrating audits, get rid of forms or pen-and-paper to fulfill your MES or ERP reporting requirements. See insights factory-by-factory, line-by-line, and machine-by-machine drilling down to the source to quickly solve problems. Once you’ve created data-driven operation, go predictive to double down on the ROI.



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Predict and Optimize Operations

Predictive Analytics


The future is now, go predictive! If defects, errors, or anomalies in your industrial process tend to repeat themselves, we can find them in the data and predict when and where they will occur. In the old world, quality measurements were always done end-of-line; scrap the bad and sell the remaining good. In Industry 4.0, we predict quality for you at start-of-line, allowing you to fix defects, adjust inputs, and avoid errors to work towards a zero downtime, total yield future.



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Predict and Optimize Operations

Sustainable Development


Arch began its life as WellDone Technology, retrofitting legacy wells in Africa with sensors so that people could have sustainable access to drinking water. The WellDone mission is also Arch’s mission, and as such, we provide the building blocks of our Industry 4.0 technology to for-impact and non-profit partners far and wide who are leveraging data-driven insights to advance the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. See where we are working and let us know how we could partner to expand this for-impact work.



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“Arch is being deployed across many of our digital factories to capture the relevant analytics that help us drive production efficiencies, process automation, and predictive analytics. They can pull raw data from new and existing machines to help us generate actionable metrics.  We are very excited with our partnership; their technology is very impressive.”

– Gus Shahin, CIO Flex

“Arch has demonstrated excellence in executing on Industry 4.0.  Their products are robust, built for industrial use, and they easily deploy at an enterprise scale.  We’re proud to be partnered with them to build next generation industrial intelligence that is already saving millions of dollars and achieving unprecedented efficiency. “

– Surpreet Oberoi, VP IoT Oracle

“We’re saving over $1M a year because of this program. Every machine has a built-in Arch sensor that tells us what has happened. Now we’re going deeper in the data mining opportunity to further optimize while better serving our customers.”

– Engineering Director, Fortune 1000 Semiconductor machine maker

“We deployed Arch technology on legacy grain production machines in Kenya allowing us to calculate energy load profiles and other key information from motor sensor data.  Arch is purpose-built to bring light to machines that previously produced no data.”

– Amanda DelCore, Associate Factor[e]

“Arch’s modular technology is perfectly suited to adapt monitoring to a large variety of legacy machines across geographies and use cases.  We have partnered to monitor remote wells in Tanzania, Cambodia, and Uganda where we are helping ensure access to clean drinking water, the cornerstone of UN Sustainable Development Goal 6.”

– Addison Nuding, Executive Director WellDone International

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