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The Hidden Cost of  Data Silos

The Hidden Cost of Data Silos

In many cases, the limiting factor for how quickly you can solve problems with data is how quickly you can put together a clean, unified dataset. Once you have clean data, it’s straightforward to get value from it.

Arch Systems embraces a distributed team

Arch Systems embraces a distributed team

Arch Systems embraces the trends towards more distributed teams working with people across the world via digital technology both to empower our current people to live their best lives as well as to find the best future collaborators wherever you happen to be. The Arch team now has collaborators in 6 different countries as well as many different cities within the US.

Welcome Eric to the Arch Team!

Welcome Eric to the Arch Team!

We’re excited to announce that Eric Krock has joined the Arch team as Head of Product.
Eric comes with over 15 years of enterprise software product management experience in both big and small companies in IoT, mobile solutions, and secure enterprise content delivery.
At Arch, Eric will be driving the evolution of our products and ensuring that our customers are delighted. Welcome Eric!

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Featured Products

Factory Sensors

Equip your manufacturing line with out-of-the-box sensor kits that extract meaningful data based on proven use cases.

Sustainable Development Sensors

Partner with us to bring Industry 4.0 technology to Sustainable Development. Products include water well monitors and reed switch monitoring for developing world appliances.

Featured Applications

Machine Sensing Data

For your company, Industry 4.0 is built on available, standardized, and dependable machine sensing data. Arch is your Mulesoft for machines, your way to connect and extract data from literally any machine, legacy or new, and transform it into standardized insights at the edge and in the cloud feeding into advanced, predictive analytics.