Intelligently closing the loop between IT and OT

The ArchFX Action Manager is a groundbreaking technology built around domain-specific alert modules with a simple UI configuration that can be used directly by manufacturing engineers and operations leaders in the factory- without needing IT support.

What problem does it solve?

Production issues at a factory are usually only detected at the end of the manufacturing process, making the cost of rework much higher than if the issues were detected earlier. The data is collected during the manufacturing process but is either not used or used only in retrospect when analyzing problems. If the data could be analyzed in close to real-time, and issues were addressed, production output would be better, production more efficient, and rework less.

At the same time that production issues are going undiscovered until the end of the line, work order, or shift, engineers and technicians are constantly scanning dozens of dashboards and monitors manually hoping to spot problems. Action Manager automates this task with its easy-to-use Alert Modules, freeing engineers and technicians to focus on solving problems faster instead of hoping they are looking at a dashboard at the right time to detect them.

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