ArchFX Platform

Advanced Insights from Factory Floor Data


Built for SMT, delivering for manufacturers

The intelligent ArchFX platform, with the latest database, software, hardware, and AI solutions, is specifically designed to transform electronics assembly operations.

Insights for tomorrow are here– today. Manufacturers can now accurately and efficiently forecast conditions and concerns and proactively respond. Our clients are revolutionizing manufacturing with immediate information and deep analysis that generates 30x ROI. See how the ArchFX™ platform is built to provide analytics and alerts.

Information from every machine

ArchFX connectors extract the detailed, relevant data from the entire line.

We mean every machine. Not from just some select vendors. Not just the machines with modern APIs. With our multi-faceted software and hardware connectors, we collect rich data from all machines on the line. From the newest pick-and-place machine to the assembly machines down the line.

Discover our list of pre-built connectors.

Immediate reporting, analysis, and alerts

ArchFX Broker: custom built for the needs of electronics manufacturing.

Machine data is instantly delivered to high performance, multi-threaded brokers. You get real-time dashboards and alerts fed by the normalized data of The ArchFX Broker. It would take weeks to manually parse all this raw data from proprietary formats. The Broker does it in seconds.

Learn about Broker integration options and capabilities.

Eagle-eye view of the entire enterprise

ArchFX Cloud provides a global understanding of manufacturing; from machines to KPIs.

The thirty-thousand-foot view is no place to make critical decisions. You need details. With ArchFX Cloud, enterprise strategy is powered by more than vague top-line data. Along with key trends, ArchFX includes in-depth analysis. You are working with more than just “what.” Arch tells you “why” and “how to fix it.”

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Actionable answers from rich, trusted data

ArchFX data analysis increases productivity using AI.

From the treasure trove of trusted, rich, real-time data, Arch advanced statistical analysis reveals root cause, efficiency, and manufacturing innovations. With industry-specific analysis for particulars such as feeder and nozzle mispick rates, cycle and takt time inspection, or detailed error code analysis; ArchFX points the way to faster production, reduced waste, and fewer errors. Organizations reduce CAPEX and discover new opportunities.

Strategic Uses of Machine Data (APEX Expo 2021)

Extend and integrate

APIs and SDKs open up possibilities.

No more silos. Built with RESTful APIs and an available SDK, the ArchFX data is available for extension and integration with existing systems. Even in today’s interconnected world, additional integration is still needed. The ArchFX Factory Exchange shares data securely with authorized users both internal and external.

Learn more: How to apply ArchFX to your enterprise.


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