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ArchFX Platform

Your foundation for digital transformation. The ArchFX Platform provides the machine connectivity, machine data management and advanced insights needed to achieve true digital transformation of the shop floor.

The ArchFX Platform comprises software and hardware connectors to get data from any machine, a broker for data normalization and transformation, ArchFX Cloud for data storage and high-performance access, the Global Manufacturing Key Performance Indicators Solution, and delivery of advanced analytics models. Together, these make it possible to get useful data, Manufacturing KPIs, and predictive analytics from sites, lines, and machines worldwide in just days and weeks, not years.

Extract the right data from any machine, new or legacy

Machine connectors and modular wireless sensors

Manufacturers often have painful and expensive memories of spending six months trying and failing to get data from a single machine. The ArchFX Platform includes all of the following connectors to accelerate manufacturers’ journey to digital transformation:

  • Configurable database connectors that make it quick and easy to get data from any smart machine with an attached database
  • Out of the box integrations with common Surface Mount Technology manufacturing machines including Solder Paste Inspect, Pick-and-Place, Automatic Optical Inspection, Automatic X-Ray Inspection, and In-Circuit Test machines
  • Programmable Logic Controller wiretap kits that enable manufacturers to monitor pins in existing installations
  • Sensors for legacy machines that generate no data
  • Conveyor belt sensors
  • Fieldbus connectors to tap the native language of machines

Transform and Load standardized data with the Broker

Modern, secure on-prem + cloud IoT system

Getting data from diverse machines is the first hard problem. Normalizing the data so you can make use of it is the second. ArchFX Broker provides a high-performance data pipeline, a 90-day local cache of data to ensure resiliency, and configurable data transformation workers to standardize data for storage in the cloud and immediate use by data scientists. ArchFX Broker can be deployed on-site and/or in the cloud and can work with your existing manufacturing execution system and ERP solution, so your existing investment is protected.

ArchFX Cloud for secure, high-performance machine data storage and access

ArchFX™ Cloud is the machine data management framework that organizes all the industrial machine data collected and normalized by Arch for secure, high-performance searching, analysis, and presentation. It provides a Factory Model so manufacturers have a continuously up-to-date model of their organization and operations. It supports scheduled and on-demand reports for metrics and data presentations of interest.

Data Analysis and Platform Integrations

Global KPIs Solution for out-of-the-box manufacturing KPIs

The ArchFX™ Global KPIs Solution uses the data stored in ArchFX Cloud to present standard manufacturing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) like Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), Line Utilization (LU), and Machine Utilization (MU) globally and for every region, site, area, line, and machine.

Scalable Business
Intelligence integrations

ArchFX Cloud’s standard and secure REST APIs make it easy to integrate third-party dashboarding and advanced data analytics predictive tools like Tableau, Thoughtspot, AWS SageMaker, Azure AI, Google TensorFlow, and any other third-party tool of your choice.

Arch feeder and nozzle analytics rapidly detect when mispick rates for a specific feeder or nozzle have exceeded acceptable limits and can even use machine learning to predict upcoming failures before they occur. Session analytics divide up the day’s Pick and Place activity into “sessions” of continuous uninterrupted build activity. Grouping the build activity by continuous build sessions in this way helps determine how efficiently the line can build product when it’s not being interrupted by errors and other problems. It then becomes possible to determine how much each separate source of loss is reducing line utilization. Categorizing the sources of line utilization loss in this way enables staff to prioritize and tackle the sources of loss to increase utilization as quickly as possible.

Open APIs for machine data integrations

ArchFX Cloud has RESTful APIs for accessing the normalized data stored in relational databases, time series databases, and the ArchFX data lake. Because ArchFX Broker has normalized the data and ArchFX Cloud has securely stored it for high-performance access, your data science team can focus on semantics and inference instead of data cleaning. Our SDK supports interfacing with modern Python-based data science tool stacks and Jupyter notebook-based environments.

ArchFX Factory Exchange, empowering data sharing across strategic partners

Strategic partners know that, by sharing data, they can drive added value together. Manufacturers and equipment providers are enabling new use cases such as improving quality and implementing new closed loops by bringing together previously siloed data.  Leading product OEMs and their manufacturing partners are building a digital thread to minimize product recalls and time to troubleshoot while becoming more transparent on sharing key metrics across the supply chain.  

ArchFX makes this Factory Exchange possible– where data can be shared securely with authorized users both inside the company and with external stakeholders. Manufacturers can also use the ArchFX Factory Exchange to securely obtain component parts production data from suppliers, enabling continuous monitoring of benchmarks like quality and throughput. The ArchFX Factory Exchange, powered by ArchFX Cloud, securely federates and shares data throughout the value chain, providing the level of secure visibility into production and quality processes that world-class brands demand today. It can also share machine and component information as well as prescriptive and predictive maintenance information between manufacturers and vendors that improve quality and timeliness of support and maximize machine performance.


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