PALO ALTO, CA — Arch® Systems, the leading provider of machine data and analytics for electronics assembly operations, has been selected for a 2022 SMT China Vision Award in the category of Software – Process Control for its ArchFX Production Insights Suite.

“We are excited to be recognized as leading data experts for today’s electronics manufacturers by our industry colleagues,” said Arch CEO, Andrew Scheuermann. “We are encouraged to see so many manufacturers leaning into smarter uses of their data and we are delighted to be on this journey with them.”

Part of the ArchFX Platform, the Production Insights Suite surfaces entirely new and valuable insights for electronics manufacturers. These insights are providing ROI in the tens and hundreds of millions of dollars for manufacturing customers and are fundamentally improving the way they approach “data projects” overall.

The ArchFX Production Insights Suite contains core Insight Applications (analytics modules) including the Quality Application, Assembly Application, Test Application and React. These applications harness the combined powers of rich machine data, domain expertise and expert data analysis – empowering electronics manufacturers to reclaim 20-60 percent in valuable quality, performance and line utilization losses from their assembly, quality and test machines.

SMT China magazine launched the SMT China Vision Awards in 2007 to recognize both international and domestic providers of SMT equipment, materials, software and services that have made outstanding contributions to the rapid growth of China’s electronics manufacturing industry by their inventions and innovations.

Arch has built the largest collaboration of industry domain experts working hand-in-hand with data scientists to constantly map new signals in the data, adding them to the ever-growing library of operational analytics and recommendations. These signals and recommendations are changing how manufacturers tackle their most complex problems, allowing them to simplify and align actions both on the shop floor and the top floor. Arch also is a recipient of the 2021 Global Technology and Mexico Technology Awards and 2022 NPI, Global Technology and Mexico Technology Awards.

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