Industry 4.0 is not only about the current wave of factories that can be retrofit and upgraded, but also about the next generation of great engineers and leaders who will further transform the industry. 

This year at Michigan State University (MSU), some of the classes are using Arch sensor technology, specifically the Arch POD-1M, our shock and vibration sensor platform, to turn abstract data concepts into live demos.  With these kinds of live IoT tools, students’ learning can be accelerated and more are engaged to want to join this exciting field.

In the photo above, you see Professor Patrick McDavid dropping an Arch POD-1M, simulating shocks that can occur in industrial environments with live data and reporting happening behind him.

When you went through school, did you have any way to gain immediate intuition about what kind of forces are seen when objects of different mass accelerate or decelerate? And what kind of real impact would that have on industrial machines or products?  How much of an anomaly might be noticeable in the data and how would you use an insight like that to optimize and improve a process?

Thank you Professor McDavid for being a leading example to next generation students.  We’re glad to partner with you.