Arch Systems, leading machine data and analytics provider for electronics assembly operations, received a 2021 Mexico Technology Award in the category of Software – Process Control for its ArchFX Platform. The award was announced during a ceremony that took place Wednesday, Nov. 3, 2021 during SMTA International in Minneapolis, MN.

“The Mexico Technology Awards consistently recognizes top-tier solutions and innovations for the manufacturing industry and we are pleased to be included among this year’s award recipients,” said Arch CEO, Andrew Scheuermann. “We have very much enjoyed working with our partners and customers in Mexico and look forward to those continued associations for years to come.”

The ArchFX Platform combines direct-to-machine connectors, globally scalable data brokers, and cloud-based analytics for an end-to-end solution that achieves record speed from project conception to analytics-driven actions. For SMT manufacturers, data is extracted and processed from sites, lines and machines worldwide in just days and weeks, not years, all without disrupting existing operations.

The rich, centralized data powers Global Key Performance Indicators and predictive analytics.  Automating loss-reason understanding, Arch analytics models are enabling electronics manufacturers to reclaim from 20 to as much as 60 percent of untapped performance and utilization.

Every hour, millions of data points from many thousands of machines stream into Arch’s analytics engines through a variety of hybrid clouds. Arch has built the largest collaboration of industry domain experts working hand-in-hand with data scientists to constantly map new signals in the data, adding them to the ever-growing library of operational analytics and recommendations. These signals and recommendations are changing how manufacturers tackle their most complex problems, allowing them to simplify and align actions both on the shopfloor and the top floor.

The Mexico Technology Awards acknowledge the latest innovations available in Mexico produced by OEM manufacturing equipment and materials suppliers during the last 12 months.

Arch Systems thanks Whats New in Electronics for featuring Arch in their article. To read the original, visit here.

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