Industrial IoT is a new area applied to old industries thus both new perspectives and aged experience need to be combined to achieve real success.  As such, we recently celebrated a fun milestone at Arch: one of our sensor PODs deployed in the field has now recorded 4 billion data points (2^32 that is) in uninterrupted data logging.  This means both that the device has been active for years without being environmentally damaged and replaced as well as that it has been logging uninterrupted without firmware or embedded software issues forcing a reset.

Congratulations to the Arch engineering team on building such robust systems that they can measure for years with reliable, accurate data.  This kind of engineering reliability resulting in trustworthy data is essential to Industrial IoT.

We wanted to take this milestone to recognize the progress we’ve made so far, in terms of technology as well as scope of projects. We’re looking forward to many more billion data points logged. We have a feeling the next billion is not that far off! 😉