Arch Systems received an award for “Partner in Collaborative Innovation” at the 2023 Manufacturing Leadership Council Awards ceremony, held at Rethink 2023 in Marco Island, FL on June 28, 2023.

The award was given in recognition of a partnership project with BAE Systems, “I4.0 Machine Data Platform: Enabling a Manufacturing Defense Cloud and Scalable Analytics.”

BAE partnered with Arch Systems to implement an Industry 4.0 machine data middleware and analytics system in its overall push to build a Factory of the Future. It succeeded, not only at the factory level but across the organization. The overall Factory of the Future initiative included choosing a new MES, transforming machine data integrations, middleware, implementing a standard reference architecture, and moving to enabling its first-ever defense cloud with scalable factory analytics feeding into enterprise and supply chain analytics. With the secure architecture of the ArchFX Platform, BAE can now source all rich data from microwave, SMT, and test equipment, whereas previously this was done via a patchwork of isolated connectivity projects. This success unlocked scalable process control and root cause analysis not previously possible and delivered strategic, unified data both to the operations floor and across the enterprise – enabling operational excellence across all plants.

Arch is excited to receive this distinguished recognition from industry peers and extends a special thanks to the team at BAE Systems for their collaboration on this project.

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