The modern factory tech stack consists of both software and hardware components to help manufacturers manage their operations. Though Industry 4.0 tech stacks are often quite complex, at a high level, they are built on individual platforms that focus on logistics, production, and overall cost to manufacture.

  • Logistics: A manufacturing execution system (MES) monitors, tracks, documents, and manages the production of goods from raw materials.
  • Production: Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems are commonly used for controlling, monitoring, and analyzing industrial devices used during the manufacturing process.
  • Manufacturing Costs: Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are used to track inventory, create supply chain visibility, streamline maintenance efforts, and analyze data on equipment performance

These systems and production equipment generate vast amounts of data that is often siloed, difficult to utilize, or both. This begs the question, “What don’t operations managers know?” The MES generates manufacturing data. So does the SCADA system. There is also machine data often locked in production equipment.

Manufacturers need an observation layer, a solution to not only connect all of the disparate data but also to contextualize it, creating a 360⁰ view of operations. This is how manufacturers will fully leverage Industry 4.0 technology and improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

Arch CEO Andrew Scheuermann says, “Data drives business intelligence. It starts with rapid, global data collection, whether standard sources, proprietary or legacy machines, and unlocking pre-built data applications and insights.”

He continues, “The real goal is actionable intelligence. Manufacturers are seeking a greater understanding of what’s happening in the factory, alerts, and playbooks to respond, and a system that learns and improves.”
Arch offers a global and local operations intelligence solution that can achieve all of that.

The intelligent ArchFX Platform, with the latest database, software, hardware, and AI solutions, is specifically designed to transform manufacturing operations.

ArchFX can turbocharge your tech stack

Manufacturers rely on their MES to track, trace, and control how raw materials are transformed into finished goods. It generates vast amounts of data about everything from purchase orders to equipment performance and raw materials usage.

The MES operates using preconfigured parameters, predefined data input flows, and record collections. The MES is excellent at providing a record of how a production run went, but its purpose is not to paint a complete picture of how operations can improve.

That’s where ArchFX comes in. The ArchFX platform uses the deep, granular data produced during operations. It employs machine learning technology to analyze large volumes of machine data to create insights and make predictions that can improve operations.

How ArchFX integrates with your tech stack

ArchFX utilizes the big data generated by your MES and SCADA systems to identify opportunities for improvement across the entire production ecosystem. It correlates complete sets of complex and heterogeneous machine data that was previously siloed in other tech stack components. This new correlated data creates more opportunities for operational improvement than were previously possible.

In addition to integrating with your MES, ArchFX collects all the raw, unstructured data from every machine in operation and stores it in native format in the cloud. Operations managers realize an observation layer that creates both global and local transparency. They can learn what they don’t know with granularity and apply that knowledge across large swaths of machines.

ArchFX offers more than just an observation layer. Operations managers gain process insights, so they no longer have to make educated guesses about their operations. They know their decisions will result in operational improvement.

ArchFX and MES are complementary tech stack components

ArchFX leverages every scrap of manufacturing data to extract previously impossible efficiency improvements. ArchFX combines domain experience and data expertise that manufacturers can pair with their MES and integrate into their factory tech stack to realize unparalleled speed, flexibility, and resilience. ArchFX is transforming how manufacturers use data, charting a path toward a new factory tech stack model.

See how ArchFX integrates with your modern factory tech stack