Transforming manufacturing operations with machine data improves performance throughout EMS organizations.

To keep pace in a competitive market, manufacturers need to create facility-wide visibility using machine data of all types, created by equipment of all types. Making use of this rich machine data in real time, manufacturers can extract data from a diverse pool of machines and then transform and standardize the output to create actionable insights throughout the production process.

Capturing and viewing in real time all the disparate data created during production is a powerful business tool. These insights improve the decision-making process for everyone from machine operators to line managers to executive leadership — creating better production outcomes and lowering manufacturing costs.


Illustrating Industry 4.0

Machine Operators

Too often operators waste time measuring performance using cumbersome manual processes. Those measures, often informed by “rule-of-thumb” estimates, take forever and aren’t accurate enough in an increasingly cost and time sensitive production environment.

Alternatively, machines can communicate near-immediate insight to their operators, also making that data available down the line and throughout the plant.

Line Managers

Line managers’ performance is measured against metrics such as line utilization, throughput, and cycle time. Historically, these numbers were often inaccurate because they were built on incomplete data and assumptions. Insights built from real-time machine data collected during manufacturing provide line managers more accurate line-specific data, helping them to optimize production better and more easily.

Regional Experts

Small production issues can quickly compound into big problems if they grow in number. These issues also make high level decision-making more difficult when questions of data accuracy, and therefore the KPIs built atop that data, cast doubt on the process.

When reliable machine data becomes immediately available and usable, the regional expert has visibility to what is happening on the factory floor. They can confidently undertake facility wide or multi-site initiatives- making a solution anywhere a solution everywhere.

Executive Team

The executive team relies on accurate data in order to make critical manning and equipment decisions across the entire organization.

Important aspects of this work include the purchasing of new machines, disposition of depreciated capital equipment, staffing allocation, or production capacity expansion.

Better data visibility, accessibility and insights help EMS executives act fast, speed production, and grow the bottom line.

Choose the right partner for Industry 4.0 initiatives.

With digital visibility increasingly a must-have for EMS providers, choosing the right partner for your Industry 4.0 solution should be a top priority. Arch can help you cost-effectively extract and standardize data from all the manufacturing machines on all the factory floors. With that data, we automatically calculate KPIs, identify root causes, and subsequently develop predictive analytics models that put you on the right track to make the Industry 4.0 vision for connected manufacturing a reality.

To learn more, read our technical paper about digitally transforming manufacturing operations.