Terms and Conditions

By signing up to indicate interest in the Arch Utilization Loss Challenge (AULC), you agree to be contacted by a member of the Arch Systems team and that any personal data collected as part of your registration and participation in the AULC will be used, maintained, and protected in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

By completing an interest form in the AULC, you represent that you have authority to proceed on behalf of your company and agree to reasonably cooperate with Arch Systems in following the guidelines and procedures required to conduct a feasibility assessment. Generally this will mean meeting with the Arch Systems team and providing additional information about your manufacturing operations and the equipment and current practices in use.

The details on this AULC sign-up page pertaining to eligibility are for informational purposes only. Arch Systems, at its sole discretion, will determine whether you are eligible or not for this AULC based on the information you provide. If Arch Systems determines you are eligible, you will be specifically contacted and offered an AULC agreement to opt into and sign. Eligibility determined on a number of criteria, including but not limited to the size of your company, the number of sites and machines that your company operates, and the type of equipment present in your manufacturing facilities. Some smaller manufacturers may still qualify for a reduced challenge size based on the amount of equipment to be analyzed.

This challenge is designed to catch your attention by saying things like, “We can find $5M in trapped utilization losses from your manufacturing lines.” What we mean by this is that Arch Systems will work with eligible companies to perform a phase one engagement whereby we extract data from a set of machines in real time, analyze the data with a utilization assessment model, and compare against benchmarks to determine areas where, in connection with an implementation of Arch Systems products, could help you to produce $5 million or more in value over a certain period of time.

We hope that you will agree to allow us to share publicly the news of any donation made by Arch Systems on your behalf as part of AULC, but we will only do so with your permission. Information that you share with Arch Systems during your participation in the AULC may be anonymized and/or aggregated and made available publicly in Arch Systems marketing materials. This information may include the total value of utilization losses identified, types of machines or systems involved, types of processes involved, types of departments involved, and size and regional location of your company. Your anonymity is important to us and any information gathered by Arch Systems during the course of AULC will never be directly associated with you nor will you or your company be identifiable.

We are confident Arch Systems can successfully identify $5 million in potential value to your business, however, we welcome the opportunity to help a good cause if we don’t! If we do not find $5 million or more in trapped utilization in your manufacturing operations, you will be given the option to select a charity from a qualified list of organizations that Arch provides. Total charitable donations from Arch Systems for this AULC are capped at $50,000.

The AULC is open to only the first 25 eligible participants and will conclude on September 30, 2023.

I have read and agree with the above terms and conditions. I would like to receive more information about Arch Systems and its products and services. I hereby consent to receive electronic messages and other communications from Arch Systems.

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