Arch Utilization Loss Challenge


It’s pretty straightforward. You challenge us to find 20% in trapped utilization losses from your manufacturing lines. If we can’t, we’ll donate $10,000 to a good cause. To get started, just fill out this form.

This is a bold proposition and we know it. Why are we so confident we can deliver? Because we’ve successfully done it over and over in the world’s leading electronics manufacturer’s factories. Manufacturing surface mount technology (SMT) lines are often running at less than 60% utilization, with some operating on as little as 10-30% overall utilization. The advent of big data analysis techniques with machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms has largely removed the traditional limitation of being able to extract great value from rich data. ArchFX, with a library of connectors for rich SMT data, now provides an automated and scalable way to collect and process rich machine data into these ML/AI pipelines, empowering decisive data.


Contract manufacturers in electronics manufacturing services (EMS) are notoriously private about processes gains — and for good reason. Even small improvements can mean huge ROI in this competitive marketplace. So, suffice it to say that we are thrilled to work with truly incredible customers; we are currently deployed inside facilities of five of the Top 10 electronics manufacturers in the world.

Recent advanced statistical analysis of build sessions for an EMS customer revealed that, of the thousands of pick and place (P&P) machine nozzles analyzed, 33 percent of global attrition was due to .3 percent of machine feeders —an incredible gain opportunity. Those millions of dollars were invisible before we applied modern data analysis techniques. Another study of inter-machine imbalance loss found over 20 percent of actionable utilization to be recoverable.

With numbers like these, how can modern manufacturers afford not to measure line balancing and utilization?

These are but two examples. There are many others, and yours could be among them. Challenge us to find the undiscovered, actionable utilization losses in your electronics factories. We’re confident you’ll find what we have time and time again — millions of dollars of untapped value.



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