ArchFX Cloud

Standardized data storage for global applications and predictive maintenance.

How the Arch Factory Exchange Works

Manage your data with powerful and standardized Edge server and Cloud capabilities, putting the power in your hands to maximize security and benefits. Unlock the value in your data by loading it into your organization’s existing systems or 3rd party tools.

Cloud Products and Services

ArchFX Broker

All raw data collected in factories, whether from Arch sensors, logs, vendor APIs, integrations or more, is sent to the ArchFX Broker, the core of Arch’s factory exchange. Here, raw data is transformed into standardized messages that are ready to power various applications as well as advanced analytics.  Send data from the ArchFX Broker to a variety of endpoints to put it to work like the Arch Cloud, your enterprise systems (MES, WMS, ERP), 3rd party tools, or various Arch partners.

The ArchFX Broker can be delivered as an appliance with hardware we provide to get your system up and running in days. It can also be run on a blade in your data center, virtualized, or run in the cloud.

ArchFX Cloud

Arch provides a secure cloud in order to manage the fleet of end-point devices and data extractors in use, provide historical data storage, and manage security, authorizations, and access. It also supports a variety of software development kits (SDKs) including our full-suite web applications like the Factory Optimization and Global KPIs applications.

The ArchFX Cloud provides functionality for device control and data ingress with a time-series database and archival data storage. The cloud server has full capabilities for access control, account management (of users, organization, devices, and organizational data), as well as event management, alerting, and reporting library. The cloud utilizes secure REST APIs to provide a standard set of SDKs, specifically a Python SDK, TypeScript SDK, and data science SDK to feed the Arch web app that serves our out-of-the-box applications.

Arch’s cloud is trusted by Fortune 500 companies as a robust and secure place to store historical data and is ready for deployment in your secure environment. Maintain control of your data while taking advantage of the ROI of machine learning and AI applications built on top of historical data collection and system integration.

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