Arch Global KPIs Solution

The Solution to Improve Productivity and Manufacturing Operations

Arch® Global KPIs Solution for Electronics Manufacturing

The Arch Global KPIs Solution gives manufacturers the accurate, continuously up-to-date view of the performance of their global manufacturing operations. Employees at every level can now focus on the best opportunities for improving manufacturing operations performance and asset utilization.

ArchFX Global KPIs Solution Dashboard

Manufacturers today face unprecedented pressure to respond quickly to changes in the business environment while continuously pushing their global organizations to achieve ever-higher levels of performance. The pressure to maximize asset utilization and quality has never been greater than it is now.

The Arch® Global KPIs Solution gives manufacturers an incredibly powerful 3-part offering:

  1. An accurate, continuously up-to-date view of the performance of global manufacturing operations,
  2. Discovery of hidden utilization losses
  3. Actionable insights to recapture significant losses.

This solution empowers employees at every level to focus on the best opportunities for improving manufacturing operations, performance, and asset utilization.

The Solution to Improve Productivity and Manufacturing Operations

Automatic data from every machine that tells you what your utilization is, identifies root causes of loss, and the non-obvious actions to drive meaningfully toward your utilization targets.

The ArchFX Global KPIs Solution provides:

  • Automatically and accurately calculated standard KPIs like throughput, Machine Utilization, Line Utilization, and Overall Equipment Effectiveness.
  • Continuously up-to-date views of your global business performance. Every day, see results for the last hour, day, week, or month and spot emerging trends.
  • Staff empowered in every location and at every level to identify opportunities and take initiative.
  • Focused management attention where it’s needed to improve performance.

Empower Staff

Give asset managers, equipment engineers, and manufacturing operators at every location and level the ability to identify opportunities and take initiative to improve utilization.

By detecting drops in utilization
early, employees can proactively
troubleshoot the cause and
predictively schedule any
necessary maintenance in real

Maximize SMT Line Utilization

Protect and accelerate the ROI of your existing assets and new investments

As you harness the power of your
data, expect to add 5-10%
utilization, achieving over 5x ROI
with a sub 6 months payback.
Some some manufacturers can
achieve as much as 20-40% gains
based on advanced insights.

Machine Data

One of the most valuable assets available to any manufacturer

As technology unlocks more data, it’s critical that intelligent software quickly identifies root causes of loss and drives rapid resolution with actionable analytics.

We collaborate with the world’s leading SMT vendors, including ASM, Fuji, Koh Young, ViTrox and more to provide rich data and actionable insights for SMT manufacturers.

Advanced SMT Machine Insights

Insights to improve utilization and throughput with high quality
via advanced analytics and machine learning on complex SMT data sets

Session Analytics

  • Intensive analysis of performance over a product’s work orders to identify recipe imbalances vs. operational losses and frame the productivity gains you can achieve by restructuring your work.

Error Event Analysis

  • Understand top stops like fiducial measurement errors and fix the right things at the right times

Feeder and Nozzle Analytics

  • Sort through the large volume of mispick data, identify the feeders and nozzles at fault, and develop predictive maintenance models to generate large ROI.

A Successful Partner

State-of-the-art technology and world-class talent combine to ensure
successful production deployments from an experienced team that spans the globe

Arch Systems is the partner of choice for electronics manufacturers, working in 4 of the top 10 EMS companies. We have successful deployments, both 100% remote and in-person, in 5 countries and counting.

For qualified SMT and electronics manufacturers, we provide lowcost, low-risk trials of our product. Let us help speed your transition from Industry 3.0 to 4.0 and build a data-driven operation together.


Find out how you can leverage your own data now.


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