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Introducing the Arch Systems Value Review

Industry 4.0 solutions help manufacturers increase productivity, improve quality, and enhance the bottom line. Whether your operation is overwhelmed by manufacturing data or trying to unlock information trapped in production equipment, Arch can help.
With a half-hour conversation, our industry expert can map your data path toward greater efficiency and better decision-making across your lines and factories.

Decisiveness and certainty

Your decisions wait on data locked up in your machines or submerged in your data lake. We can help.

Expert data feeds excellent decisions

Growing in data maturity develops faster, better decisions — both on the factory floor and for company-wide strategy. Our experts can identify where data can be collected and how to deliver it to improve OEE, uptime, and other KPIs.

Arch is uniquely designed for manufacturing

  • Global KPIs — and beyond — in real-time
  • Rich data from all machines on the line
  • Factory-level and global analytics united in one platform
  • Expert data: complete event data enriched with industry expertise

The Arch Value Assessment Report for Manufacturing

  • Actionable evaluation of your data streaming
  • Identification of opportunities to create value
  • Insights into modernized data streaming, storage, and processing

What to expect


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