Manufacturers face an increasingly complex and competitive operating landscape. Persistent supply chain issues and a growing focus on sustainability have accelerated the trend towards decentralized production— translating into more factories to manage and more data that can become siloed at the plant or even machine level. This fundamentally frustrates the adoption of standardized and effective manufacturing data solutions at scale.

The divide between global architecture and local execution creates a barrier to achieving operational excellence.

Lack of data visibility has traditionally been a roadblock for manufacturers, largely due to the cost associated with building systems capable of wrangling big data and rendering it useful. As a result, many manufacturers achieve middling results using a patchwork of disparate systems, homegrown tools, and costly managed services. They need a solution that bridges this data gap.

The cost of collecting and storing massive amounts of data has dropped dramatically, opening the door for more complex data analysis and modeling. But simply collecting the data isn’t enough. Manufacturers need a tool capable of creating what Gartner refers to as decision intelligence: Fusing sophisticated data techniques with the application of a significantly higher level of domain understanding to build systems that help users truly understand their problems and show them where and how to solve them faster.

GLO: Global and Local Operations

ArchFX GLO™ does precisely that – it is a revolutionary solution designed collaboratively by manufacturing and data experts to enable decision intelligence for both global and local operations (GLO). GLO is a pre-built, expertly designed, domain-specific tool that uses big data and AI to help discrete manufacturers act on data, solving problems faster and improving operations.

By implementing GLO, IT teams, and OT teams don’t need to build costly in-house tools or lean on managed service providers deploying custom code. Arch offers a solution that is proven to work and do what it says it does — enable global strategy, local operations, and even regional and shopfloor engineering teams to act on their data.

Empowering Global Digitization Teams

GLO is more than an ordinary OEE tool – it’s an operational intelligence solution designed by manufacturing experts with action management at its core. GLO integrates work and communication into a unified global standard solution. It harnesses all available manufacturing data, rapidly creating a standardized global framework with exceptional scalability.

Bridging the gap between IT and OT

Unlike broad-spectrum IIoT solutions, GLO is prebuilt by experts while still remaining open and extensible. It is not another no-code build-it-yourself toolkit. Instead, it’s a managed system that works effectively for OT users without requiring additional, potentially time-consuming help from the IT team. IT teams won’t need to worry about connectivity either; Arch manages it for you.

The ArchFX GLO dashboard puts decision intelligence in the hands of operators without placing an additional burden on IT resources.

Downtime insights and Global KPIs

GLO offers remote monitoring so manufacturers can measure when performance lags in real-time, detect where downtime is creating the issue and drill down to the root cause — clearing the path for operators to address the specific equipment issue and return the line to optimal performance. GLO gives manufacturers an accurate, continuously up-to-date view of the performance of their global manufacturing operations. Employees at every level can now focus on the best opportunities for improving manufacturing operations performance and asset utilization.

Driving insights for leaders of global operations

  • Visualize KPIs across processes and organizations for better strategic decision-making.
  • Align teams with company-wide improvement goals.
  • Access globally aggregated, trustworthy data to help guide more impactful changes.
  • Drive global OEE, capacity, and planning meetings with real data and real site collaboration.
  • Share insightful analytics and progress at executive meetings.

Informed action for the engineering teams

  • Receive real-time alerts from operators and managers.
  • Access tools and playbooks for swift, effective problem resolution.
  • Contribute to global playbooks and scalable solutions across sites.
  • Configure and adapt custom tools from a prebuilt library.

In our next blog post, we’ll delve into how GLO benefits site managers, shift/line managers, and even front-line operators, making the journey toward operational excellence a reality.

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