In our first blog introducing ArchFX GLO™, an AI powered solution designed to drive manufacturing improvement both globally and locally, we illustrated how our pre-built, expertly designed platform enables decision intelligence throughout the production environment. This installment will focus on how GLO helps everyone from global operations leaders to machine operators do their jobs.

ArchFX GLO was built to help manufacturers achieve operational excellence. It uses big data and AI to help manufacturing personnel throughout the organization act on data solving problems faster and improving operations. From the top floor to the shop floor, GLO empowers people to work synchronistically toward this common goal.

The tissue attaching global and local operations

GLO automates everything from global downtime detection to operation-wide performance reporting, enabling global and local teams to solve urgent and strategic problems in fundamentally new ways. GLO’s action management feature is the connective tissue that pulls all levels of the organization together and helps everyone work more efficiently together in near-real-time.

Empowering global manufacturing leaders

Global manufacturing leaders need complete, accurate data to guide their organizations toward operational excellence. GLO offers them a strategic advantage by providing both manufacturing data and analytics views to enable production insights in near real-time.

GLO provides a clear visualization of key performance indicators (KPIs) across all processes and facilities, helping members of the C-suite become more agile and accelerate decisions that improve operational performance. They can quickly set company-wide goals that are immediately disseminated throughout the manufacturing ecosystem, because GLO provides the connective tissue that aligns teams with those improvement goals. The GLO platform offers everyone in the organization access to globally aggregated, trustworthy data for impactful changes.

With standard tools that can be adopted in every facility and on every line, GLO transforms OEE, capacity, and planning into data-driven actions that quicken advancement toward operational excellence.

Enabling site and area managers

Site and area managers work more confidently and effectively using GLO. The GLO integrated ticketing system automates and accelerates the manager’s response to production issues. It helps streamline task assignments to speed resolution and provides visibility that makes it easier to track progress.

ArchFX GLO uses pre-built dashboards that create more transparency and put more real-time information in the hands of managers. Review meetings become shorter and simpler, enabling managers to drive improvement faster and with less effort. Daily huddles and weekly reviews are also enhanced by the prebuilt dashboard views that put everyone on the same page. Discussions are more focused and decision-making accelerates.

Elevating shift and line managers

Shift and line managers have some of the toughest jobs in manufacturing. They are responsible for overseeing dozens of operators and technicians across production lines that can stretch for blocks. GLO offers tools to help them overcome obstacles and do their jobs more effectively.

ArchFX GLO delivers real-time visibility into every workstation on the line, making issue diagnosis and escalation seamless. The integrated ticketing system that site and area managers use also helps shift and line managers achieve smooth task tracking and escalation. GLO’s prebuilt dashboards make standup meetings more efficient while playbooks provide rapid on-line issue diagnosis. Instant support calls can initiate swift assistance for resolution.

Fostering frontline operator excellence

GLO helps front-line operators work faster and without disruption using overhead displays that provide instant access to real-time information. Data is effortlessly captured and contextualized, leading to almost instantaneous and accurate analysis of downtime causes and speeding resolution of the issue.

Guided playbooks offer expert actions to common problems built on AI-powered downtime labeling and insights from complete manufacturing data. Operators can request immediate support for their specific issue with a single click, ensuring production efficiency and minimizing disruptions.

A global and local solution helping everyone do their jobs

ArchFX GLO is the global digitization solution for today’s manufacturers. It empowers personnel at every level of an organization with expert data tools to solve problems faster and improve manufacturing operations.

See how GLO can improve performance from the top floor to the shop floor.