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Tim Burke and Andrew Scheuermann in Forbes 30 Under 30

Tim Burke and Andrew Scheuermann in Forbes 30 Under 30

Arch Systems founders, Tim Burke and Andrew Scheuermann, are recognized as Forbes 30 under 30 in the Energy and Resources category both in recognition of past work in renewable energy research as well as for the early work of Arch Systems in building Industrial IoT systems for sustainable water monitoring. Arch pilots monitor clean drinking water to as many as 10,000 people in rural Tanzania.

Featured Products

Factory Sensors

Equip your manufacturing line with out-of-the-box sensor kits that extract meaningful data based on proven use cases.

Logistics Sensors

Monitor velocity, loss, and damage in your logistics utilizing Arch’s devices including the POD-1M, an award-winning, high-end shock/vibe sensor, and our 3rd party integrated GPS/cellular devices.

Sustainable Development Sensors

Partner with us to bring Industry 4.0 technology to Sustainable Development. Products include water well monitors and reed switch monitoring for developing world appliances.

Featured Applications

Machine Sensing Data

For your company, Industry 4.0 is built on available, standardized, and dependable machine sensing data. Arch is your Mulesoft for machines, your way to connect and extract data from literally any machine, legacy or new, and transform it into standardized insights at the edge and in the cloud feeding into advanced, predictive analytics.

Supply Chain Trackers

Predict and optimize the performance of your supply chain based on high-quality, shipment-by-shipment sensing data. Arch provides the POD-1M device, an award-winning high-end shock/vibe shipping tracker at low-end cost along with environmental sensing and location tracking options for a complete supply-chain track-and-trace solution.

Sustainable Development

Arch began its life as WellDone Technology, retrofitting legacy wells in Africa with sensors so that people could have sustainable access to drinking water. The WellDone mission is also Arch’s mission, and as such, we provide the building blocks of our Industry 4.0 technology to for-impact and non-profit partners far and wide who are leveraging data-driven insights to advance the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. See where we are working and let us know how we could partner to expand this for-impact work.