Factory Sensors

Equip your factories with out-of-the-box factory sensor kits that extract meaningful data based on proven use cases.

How the Arch Factory Exchange works

Every machine has a unique signature. Arch provides the machine taps and models that will allow you to directly retrofit your existing lines and gain value based on proven use cases.

Factory Sensors and Kits

Conveyor Belt Sensors

Most discrete manufacturers utilize conveyors at some point during their process to move the production line along. We provide conveyor belt sensors in the electronics and assembly industries that allow you to see performance metrics for each station along your conveyor. This data input can be integrated with our asset management or OEE solutions for powerful out-of-the-box applications shown to improve productivity within weeks of implementation.

Factory Sensors PLC Reading

Many of your machines and processes are driven by PLCs that are not already connected or mapped into a central SCADA system. We provide a PLC accessory and our POD-1C connector device to easily connect to PLCs, read pulse information, filter, or process the information directly on the POD edge device, and then load the data into the cloud for analytics and analysis. This data can also be used to power our OEE monitoring solution.

Factory Sensors &
Environmental Monitoring

Do the conditions on your line, inside of your machine, or around it matter to your process? We provide wireless sensors to monitor shock, vibration, temperature, humidity, and pressure in the factory. Data is collected via wireless access points or via mobile phone uploads for ongoing real-time data or for audits. If you already have PLC or SMEMA readers in place, the same network connects them all, so you just connect the battery of new sensors and they are online wherever you place them! The Arch POD-1G is also available with a generic IO interface that makes it easy to interface with 3rd party sensors you may already have or are available online to augment your data acquisition efforts. Click the button below to learn more about adding environmental monitoring to your machine data solution.

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