As manufacturing evolves and becomes more complex, the pursuit of excellence becomes more intricate. Opportunities for improvement can become more difficult to find, and in a persistently challenging environment, manufacturers have to discover as many opportunities as they can to remain competitive. This blog will demonstrate how ArchFX Process Insights™ works alongside ArchFX GLO™ using domain expertise and rich data analysis to help manufacturers easily identify and resolve operational inefficiencies throughout their production environments.

As introduced in the first two blogs in this series, ArchFX GLO™ was built to navigate the complexities of modern manufacturing organizations and clear the path to operational improvement. Pre-built, expertly designed, and domain-specific, GLO is a tool that uses big data and AI to help manufacturers solve problems faster and improve operations. Unlike “no-code” build-it-yourself toolkits, GLO is a managed system that makes OT users more efficient and effective without imposing extra burdens on already-stretched IT resources.

Manufacturers drive digital transformation across their organizations using managed solutions such as GLO, integrating new and legacy systems to gain both granular visibility and a holistic understanding of their entire operation. This shift away from disparate factory systems to solutions like GLO empowers and connects every level of the organization to not only understand operations better, but to improve them in near-real-time.

GLO paves the way for operational brilliance, but the journey doesn’t end there. Enter ArchFX Process Insights™, the companion product that helps manufacturers discover previously uncharted opportunities for operational improvement hiding in the production process or, surprisingly, even an individual piece of equipment’s impact on operations.

Unveiling ArchFX Process Insights™

Today’s manufacturers need best-in-class tools to manage sprawling and complex factory environments. Process Insights leverages the experience of both manufacturing and data experts and offers an intelligent analytics suite that empowers personnel from the top floor to the shop floor, helping them identify and resolve operational inefficiencies across diverse lines and factories on a global scale.

Process Insights collects and correlates all machine data from a manufacturing environment, applying global context to machine performance and identifying previously camouflaged causes for utilization loss.

Process Insights is inspired by the challenges of SMT manufacturing. Causes of performance issues for a pick-and-place (PNP) machine, for example, are often elusive and time consuming to uncover, and can have a greater impact on overall line utilization than thought. The platform identifies which machines caused a defect, part loss, or bottleneck. No manual search required.

Process Insights auto-correlates defects with specific PNP machine components such as nozzles, holders, and feeders — helping manufacturers identify and resolve root causes of utilization loss faster and more efficiently.

Farther down the line, it automates the test and inspection process that occurs after nearly every transformation process in SMT production. The application performs root cause analysis when tests fail and automatically monitors machine health  — improving performance using less time and resources.

Users can validate test results and reveal new insights from every test machine spread across an organization. Discover a wealth of information all the way down to the machine component level. Process Insights offers more than simple pass-or-fail testing and statistics and instead contextualizes results as part of the global production environment to identify opportunities for improvement at the line, machine, or component level.

The core analytics modules tap into rich machine data, domain expertise, and expert data analysis — empowering manufacturers to discover and eliminate an additional 20-60% of performance and line utilization losses.

Case Study: Realizing Tangible Benefits

As the complexity of their manufacturing operations increased, a global manufacturing partner sought to discover insights for improvement across their extensive production environment. With over 100 sites, the complexity of the undertaking was staggering. They partnered with Arch to collect, analyze, and contextualize data from over 15,000 feeders.

The result? They realized a remarkable 33% decrease in mis-pick attrition and discovered over $10 million worth of improved opportunity due to actionable line stops. This led to significant utilization and productivity gains and ROI across their global operation — showcasing the tangible benefits that Process Insights brings to manufacturers seeking enhanced efficiency and productivity.

Embark on a new era of excellence with ArchFX GLO and ArchFX Process Insights

Step into the future of manufacturing, where data fuels decision intelligence and helps discover previously hidden opportunities for operational improvement. ArchFX GLO™ and ArchFX Process Insights™ combine to offer manufacturers a formidable suite of tools to help chart a path to operational excellence.

While GLO clears the path for the transformation of manufacturing processes by aligning global and local operations, Process Insights dives deeper into data-driven decision-making and empowers manufacturers to optimize performance like never before. The tandem of GLO and Process Insights ensures that manufacturers can harness real-time insights and analytics that continuously and automatically blaze trails to new opportunities for improvement.

Your journey towards operational excellence begins here.