Get Unprecedented Visibility into Your Entire Organization—at a Fraction of the Cost and Hassle

Get real-time visibility into your entire organization with a single software that’s so powerful it can instantly detect downtime, pinpoint defects, and empower your teams to solve issues—fast.


Disruption in Production During Installation. (Yes, Really.)


Increase in Line Uptime & Production Output


Decrease in Time To Repair


Decrease in Performance & Utilization Losses

Trusted by Global Partners

Trusted by Global Partners

All those tools you use to solve problems can’t communicate…

So they can’t actually work together to solve problems. GLO™ can.

The Fastest Way To Solve Problems and Improve Operations

With all your most trusted data in one place, your teams can quickly get to the root cause of poor performance and take meaningful steps toward improvement.

Done-for-You Deployment

We quickly deploy the ArchFX GLO™ prebuilt, secure solution to each of your machines, systems, & processes—without a moment’s disruption to productivity.

Automatic Downtime Detection

Instantly pinpoint and aggregate downtime reasons, eliminating the time-consuming need to contextualize these reasons.

Live Issue Resolution from Anywhere

GLO™ streamlines ticket creation and management, enabling remote issue resolution, slashing downtime, and improving output quality by 5%.

Unmatched Decision Intelligence

Get an action plan to systematically improve OEE across your entire organization, using trusted data from machines, information systems, and factory experts.

GLO by ArchFX

Award-winning Solutions

Award-winning Solutions

How It Works

Say goodbye to the burden of disconnected people & systems, and hello to a new era of actionable intelligence.

Step 1: Standardize Your Data

Retrieve and standardize the data from every machine and information system in your organization before routing it into the cloud.

Step 2: Funnel Data into a Single Solution

Get unprecedented visibility into your entire organization in real time from a single source of truth.

Step 3: Turn Data into Action Plans

Leverage instant alerts, automatic diagnostics, and data-driven action plans to improve operations on a global scale.

Everyone in Your Organization Benefits from ArchFX GLO™

Solve problems and drive operational improvements at every level of your organization—fast.

Global Leaders

Can effortlessly visualize metrics and set data-driven, company-wide KPI goals.

Site Managers

Use historic and real-time production line data to easily develop improvement plans.

Shift Managers

Quickly diagnose issues and run daily standups with ease using real-time line views.

Line Operators

Contextualize machine and line data so troubleshooting teams can resolve issues fast.

Engineering Teams

Remotely resolve issues in real-time and use data to create diagnostic playbooks.

Manufacturers recover up to 60% of performance and utilization losses with ArchFX GLO™

Instantly Improve OEE Across Your Entire Organization

Watch productivity and OEE rise as ArchFX GLO transforms your organization through industry 4.0 best practices.

Pre-Built Solution

No more paying for costly managed services or building and maintaining complex systems alone.

100% Managed Connectivity

Arch completely manages and maintains your org’s machine, system, & process connections with unprecedented precision.

24/7 Support

Get world-class support from manufacturing experts whenever you need it.


See for yourself how the insights and guidance from ArchFX GLO™ can transform your entire organization starting from day 1.