ArchFX Production Insights Suite


Machine to Machine Correlation Analytics:

The Key to Unlocking Operational Improvement

Today’s manufacturers need the best tools to manage sprawling and complex factory environments. With a wide variety of equipment in use, collecting and contextualizing machine data can seem like a monumental task. However, it must be accomplished to keep pace with competitors in a constantly evolving marketplace.

The ArchFX™ Production Insights Suite helps manufacturers easily identify and resolve operational inefficiencies across multiple lines, factories, and even continents. This robust solution uses core analytics modules called Insight Applications to harness the combined powers of rich machine data, domain expertise, and expert data analysis – empowering electronics manufacturers to reclaim 20-60% of quality, performance and line utilization losses.

ArchFX Production Insight Applications

The ArchFX Production Insight Suite of applications take production testing and monitoring to the next level. Discover more about line and machine performance than ever before — automatically.

ArchFX Assembly Insights

Any number of issues can impact the performance of a pick-and-place (PNP) machine. Some are easy to identify, but others can be elusive. ArchFX Assembly Insights can help determine root causes of valuable, nonobvious losses from pick-and-place (PNP) machines.  Using advanced analysis of individual machines across the entire organization, ArchFX Assembly Insights drills down to the root cause of problems-even down to individual nozzles and feeders.

ArchFX Quality Insights

Inspection occurs after nearly every transformation process in SMT production. ArchFX Quality Insights has two functions; it determines root cause analysis when tests fail and automatically monitors machine health. Employing ArchFX Quality Insights improves process performance using less time and resources than the incumbent process.

ArchFX Test Insights

ArchFX Test Insights makes it easier to validate results and reveal new insights from every test machine spread across an organization. Discover a wealth of information all the way down to the individual machine level. Test Insights go beyond reliance on simply pass/fail statistics to create process improvements.

Problems Addressed

  • Collect and correlate all machine data from a manufacturing environment.
  • Eliminate manual search for production issues.
  • Automatically and immediately identify which machines caused a defect.
  • Auto-correlate defects with specific machine components such as nozzles, holders, and feeders

The ArchFX Production Insight Suite delivers more data and insight, eliminating time-consuming manual tasks in the process.

Who Wins?

  • Operators resolve defects faster.
  • Managers reduce downtime.
  • Site Managers gain more visibility into production and increase opportunities for process improvement.
  • Engineers target specific line components to realize improvement faster and more efficiently.

From machine operators to production managers, ArchFX Production Insights Suite makes jobs easier and personnel more effective.


Features & Benefits Summary

Establish connectivity to all of your major assembly machines. Reduce time spent doing line analysis when working on quality issues.
Enable correlation between different processes and machine types. Remotely detect and remedy production bottlenecks and defects.
Use root cause defect-driven analysis to identify the origin of the problem. Leverage data-driven preventative maintenance.
Configure alerting rules criteria based on site needs. Increase line uptime and production output quality by 5%.
Create transparency with analytics-driven heat maps and built-in source identification. Improve MTTR by 30%
Create a true control room that uses granular insights.


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