IOTile Gateway Quick Start Guide

Thank you for buying the Arch Gateway. These simple steps will help you setup your gateway to create a network between all sensors in your project and automatically collect data.

  • Power your gateway hardware by plugging it in
  • Use the IOTile Companion mobile app to configure the gateway

If you do not see your gateway this either means it does not have power or is not claimed into this project. If you need to claim your gateway, see this guide. Claiming a gateway with the mobile app is the same as claiming any other IOTile Device.

If you have not yet set up connectivity for the gateway, you should have no internet connection (red warning in 1st row) and no connection (red warning in 3rd row), but you should see the gateway itself (green check in 2nd row).

Navigate below the Gateway Services screen to ‘Configure Connectivity’. Click on ‘Wired Ethernet’ or ‘Wireless’ depending on how you want to connect.

4.1. Wired Ethernet

If your ethernet is correctly configured for dynamic IP, click on ‘Wired Ethernet’ and select ‘Connect’ in the lower right hand corner of the app.

If your ethernet uses Static IP, move the slider and enter the correct values and then hit ‘Connect’.

4.2. Wireless

For a wireless connection, choose your network from the dropdown and enter the password. Similarly to ethernet, you can chose to use a static IP or not. Click ‘Connect’ when your network is selected and password entered.

You will be notified that the gateway is attempting to connect and will update the status automatically.

You can click any of these rows to see more information about the Gateway Services.

Your sensor network is operational. The gateway will now automatically pull data from all of the sensors within the same project. Head over to and click into the specific sensor PODs within your project to view the data collected so far.