Machine Sensing Data & Predictive Insights

Use machine data and learning to transform your enterprise from legacy machines into industrial intelligence.

You are sitting on untapped value and a machine data solution has arrived.

Where your Industry 4.0 journey should lead you


This is your digital factory of the future, the 4th Industrial Revolution. No more unplanned downtime, defects are predicted in advance, energy use is optimized, maintenance is predicted and automatically scheduled, automation is seamlessly playing out across machines all talking the same language in a symphony of efficiency, and machine data is completely traceable throughout your manufacturing supply chain. With these tools in hand, you identify the root causes of both success and failure first in real-time, then predictively, marching forward to become the leader in your industry.

But you have legacy and incompatible with machine learning


Do you still have some machines that are still legacy and have no apparent data and you’re not looking to replace them anytime soon.

Some of your machines are smart but their data is trapped and the vendors have chosen all different protocols, forcing you to talk to all of them just to get one thing done.

Some of your machines are highly modern with all kinds of data and dashboards but you must pay handsomely and manage a different set of databases and applications for every vendor.  How are you supposed to build Industry 4.0 with this set of characters?

Build your Arch.

Arch provides the first complete Machine Data ETLA Solution:

Extract raw data from any machine

Transform raw data via Digital Twins into normalized data

Load normalized data wherever it needs to be, then

Analyze and Act.


At the core of our offering is a Factory Exchange, a broker that ingests raw streaming data from any connector and normalizes it into one set of standard messages.

“Arch is being deployed across many of our digital factories to capture the relevant analytics that help us drive production efficiencies, process automation, and predictive analytics. They can pull raw data from new and existing machines to help us generate actionable metrics.  We are very excited with our partnership; their technology is very impressive.”

– Gus Shahin, CIO Flex

Extract Data


Some machines have modern APIs; anyone can read them just fine. 
Some machines have trapped data inside; Arch can extract their digital minds. 
Some machines just seem to be dumb; Arch can sense them one-by-one. 
When vendors and protocols just don’t align, build an Arch System to bring them online.

Rhyming aside, at Arch, we’ve developed the standard library of machine connectors including vendor API integrations, log readers, PLC readers, fieldbus and Ethernet readers, and our modular IOTile retrofit sensors. We can extract data from any machine. This statement is meant to be taken literally and is part of what makes Arch so unique.

Want to know more?  Request a demo or read more about our data extraction and factory sensor products.


Transform Raw Machine Data


Arch transforms raw machine data into insights producing standard messages that power a variety of Industry 4.0 applications across machines from Global KPI dashboards to predictive analytics and AI.  Our team produces machine models or digital twins to accomplish this. Have a particularly important or complicated machine you need modeled? Understand how raw data could be extracted but not how it can be transformed into actionable insights?

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Load Data


Machine data extracted and transformed into insights is loaded into an Arch Server which can sit on the Edge in your facility or on the cloud.  From here data can be loaded into a variety of systems to power out of the box applications, use advanced analytics tools to integrate with your operational or IT systems, like SCADA, MES, WMS, and ERP, or be used by a large variety of 3rd party tools.

Arch’s Edge Server runs with Docker and containerized microservices including a time series database, MQTT broker, and custom applications built for our customers.

Arch’s Cloud Server is likewise Dockerized with a time series database and archival data storage with a set of SDKs built on REST: a python SDK for low level integrations, a Typescript SDK for visualization level integrations, a Data Science SDK, and Arch’s WebApp where we have out-of-the-box applications as well as the ability to create custom applications for enterprise customers.

For our enterprise customers, we support the creation of standard data lakes as well as hook into your MES, WMS, and/or ERP layers to automate existing manual data creation via forms. You can consider Arch a Mulesoft for Machines (or a Machine Data ETL Solution) in terms of our ability to treat your machine assets as legacy databases, extract their data, transform it, and load it into the systems of your choice. We give you the ability to deploy transformation models in the cloud or at the edge, throttling or opening up data ingress dynamically based on your business goals, including concerns for the level of insight, scalability, security, and infrastructure costs.

Analyze Your Machine Data and Act


Data made actionable is the only thing that makes it all worth it.

We provide web and mobile friendly dashboards with elegant data visualizations that give you a pulse of your organization to help you identify and track issues to drive process efficiencies. For the factory, a number of these applications are described in Factory Optimization. We provide out-of-the-box dashboard packages as part of all our starter kits. For enterprise customers, we partner with you to configure and customize as needed to align with or help automate old processes.

Arch also provides Advanced Analytics from our ML/AI team, including predictive quality models, process path and throughput analysis, and predictive maintenance.  If defects, errors, or anomalies in your industrial process tend to repeat themselves, we can find them in the data and predict when and where they will occur.

‘People who work on machine learning or AI have an advantage when they collect their own data’
– Arch ML/AI team

At Arch, we combine intimate domain knowledge of how machines really work with cutting edge ML/AI understanding to help you turn your data into actionable intelligence. Our first company value is customer empowerment.  We believe in partnering with you to empower your digital transformation both in the use of tools and in your teams’ competence with them.  To do this, all engagements have two parts: the ROI-driven component, where we are your partner from tech to action to see the ROI through, and the training-driven component, where we help your team become developers and utilize technology yourself to reap more of the benefits.

AI-competency is too timely to ignore, too challenging to do alone, and too important not to work with the best. We’re your partner to build a bridge (the Arch) from legacy to Industry 4.0 today.

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