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Water Metering

Retrofit and OEM water meter connectivity from legacy to modern intelligence.

1. retrofit data logging for any water meter

2. remote monitoring of water usage

3. mobile and web applications for modern water management

While many existing electrical meters are now "smart meters" and are remotely connected, the vast majority of water meters remain unconnected. Arch’s POD-1G connects to any water meter with a pulse output and adds intelligent data-logging functionality. Simply connect the pulse output to the POD-1G as per the online instructions and start reading and logging the data.

Arch's water meter solution utilizes a wireless Bluetooth® connection between the POD-1G and your mobile device. Download the IOTile Companion Mobile App to setup the POD-1G and use the app to upload data to your included online account. Arch recommends a monthly data upload to ensure that no data is lost, although the device will store up to three months of data. Flow data is calculated and stored for each 10 minute increment.

Once water meter data is uploaded to the cloud, it can be viewed online at any time. You can change the display to view the water usage in your units of choice, and a report can be generated for each month with the total water usage.

For more, check out the POD-1G Water-Meter Data-Logger User Guide

The POD-1G water meter solution is priced at $325 for the hardware. Includes a free first year IOTile Cloud subscription for online storage and to access the data online. A subscription fee of $25/yr will be required for subsequent years.