Sustainable Development Products

Monitoring remote wells, income-producing appliances, and more.

How it works

Many social enterprises and non-profits are actively developing infrastructure for functions such as access to drinking water, renewable electricity, and healthy local food supply.  Arch contributes to the open source project IOTile to help support their efforts and our own in for-impact projects.    Take a look at several examples of exciting work that is being done in the developing world context and reach out to us with ideas for collaborations.

Sustainable Development Products and Services

Monitoring Remote Wells

The IOTile framework can be used for end-to-end monitoring of remote rural wells.  

WellDone International develops and provides such remote monitoring solutions for wells in rural regions around the world based on IOTile open source technology.  Flow measurements allow for low cost uptime and performance monitoring, while additional sensors such as environmental and vibration, can be used for more holisitc well health.  The sensor electronics used by WellDone are based on IOTile modules, and the mechanicals have been adapated by WellDone working with Accenture to specifically retrofit India Mark II and Afridev wells.

If you are interested in collaborating on remote well monitoring, supporting the effort, or otherwise learning more, reach out to us or visit WellDone International to find out how to get involved in this important for-impact work.

Contact WellDone International

Pulse Water-Meter Retrofit Monitoring

The IOTile framework can be used for end-to-end monitoring of existing water meters such as for water conservation or compliance with water saving regulations.

Arch’s reference POD-1G design pictured here is an example of how IOTile can be used to retrofit existing water meters in the field from brands such as Netafim, McCrometer, Keyence, Badger and more.   The reference design is based around Bluetooth low energy for use with nearby gateways, which may be on a remote cellular network or via smart phone data collection.

If you are interested in using IOTile technology to build your own retrofit water meter application visit IOTile on Github where reference designs are available not only for modular hardware but also for a modular IoT cloud and smart phone application.

RPM Rotation Monitoring

The IOTile framework can be used for end-to-end monitoring of industrial equipment of all kinds by measuring rotation.  

A reference design for this application was built by Factor[e] Ventures and Arch in part supported by the Rockefeller foundation.  While newer machines can be read via integrating with interfaces designed for integration, the legacy machines present in developing world contexts typically have no standard means of integrations.  One interesting approach is to use a sensor to detect the rotation of such machines and convert rotations into meaningful information.  Factor[e] and Arch created a reference Rotation Monitoring kit (RPM) that could be adapted via modular plastic arms and a magnet mounting to a variety of legacy machines.  The data could be used to enable overall equipment efficiency (OEE) monitoring as well as to generate energy load profiles of income-generating appliances that could be used to pair with power generation system design for such communities. 

Arch as a company provides OEE monitoring solutions to companies all over the world.  Feel free to reach out to us to evaluate if we could serve you. If you are a developer interested in making your own OEE or energy monitoring kits with open source IOTile Technology see the code on GitHub or reach out to learn about the RPM kit reference design and how you can levaerge existing building blocks.

Build your own

These are many examples of how Industrial IoT can be used for developing world and impact applications. Open Adoption Hardware (OAH) models are still early compared to the widespread adoption of open source software, so we offer our components, software and hardware related, up to help propel this fledgling community in whatever way we can.

If you are looking to start a remote-monitoring project specifically in Sustainable Development and see how our Industry 4.0 technology could help you meet your goals, reach out and connect with us. Every part of our solution is modular and interchangeable, allowing us to provide you with the parts that help while letting you build the components that are key for you.

Check out IOTile Core Tools’ open-source documentationor get in touch and let us know how we might partner to make more legcy machines smart around the world, empowering Industry 4.0 in Sustainable Development.

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