Sustainable Development Products

Monitoring remote wells, income-producing appliances, and more.

How it works

Many social enterprises and non-profits are actively developing infrastructure for functions such as access to drinking water, renewable electricity, and healthy local food supply. They typically check the health of these projects with pen and paper. We are taking Industry 4.0 technology from the factory to the field for social-impact projects.

Sustainable Development Products and Services

Monitoring Remote Wells

In partnership with WellDone International, Arch and WellDone are developing monitoring solutions for remote wells, focusing first on flow measurements for uptime and performance before expanding to the overall health of these wells with environmental and vibration monitoring. Data collection, storage, and visualization leverage the same infrastructure as the retrofit pulse-water-meter application and the broader Industry 4.0 technology built by Arch Systems.  The sensor electronics are based on IOTile modules, and the mechanicals have been adapated by WellDone International in collaboration with Arch and other partners to specifically retrofit India Mark II and Afridev wells.

If you are interested in collaborating on remote well monitoring, supporting the effort, or otherwise learning more, reach out to us or visit WellDone International to find out how to get involved in this important for-impact work.

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Pulse Water-Meter Retrofit Monitoring

Arch provides an end-to-end application for retrofitting pulse water meters with the POD-1G. The key to this product is the ability to retrofit any pulse water meter, either a water meter already existing in the field or new meters, that you would choose from vendors such as Keyence, Netafim, Badger, etc. to deploy water monitoring for the first time. The Water Meter Retrofit Kit is available with either data collection via mobile phone (iOS or Android) or via installed Access Points that are connected to the Internet. The advantage of mobile phone collection is that it works even if a remote site does not have access to cellular coverage or a WiFi network. For many areas of Sustainable Development, network access is still unreliable, but visitors and non-profit groups routinely visit to check on communities. Water meter data can be stored for up to three months in the POD-1G, although Arch recommends a monthly data upload. In areas where there is no cellular coverage, mobile users can visit the site, collect data from the POD-1G into their phone, and then have it sent up to the cloud when they return to an area with Internet access. This allows for historical data collection even in the most remote locations.

More product details are available on our Water Meter Retrofit Kit page (link) and you can also check out our POD-1G Water-Meter Data-Logger Quick Start Guide for more information. Sustainable Development partners should contact us to see if there are discounts available for your use case.

RPM Rotation Monitoring

In collaboration with Factor[e] Ventures, Arch and Factor[e] are developing a Rotation Monitoring kit (RPM) that monitors overall equipment efficiency (OEE) of income-generating appliances typically found in a developing-world context. The data on its own can help end users increase efficiency.  Other uses of the data include: developing energy load profiles to support providers of distributed renewable energy, developing production plans for local grants, microfinance operations, and more.

The kit consists of a monitoring apparatus that connects with the Arch POD-1G, mobile or access point data collection, IOTile Cloud, and visualization. This kit can come with our out-of-the-box factory overall equipment efficiency (OEE) dashboard as well as our generic time-series dashboard with easy data download to Excel, CSV, or use of the REST API for integration with other applications.

If you are interested in deploying this product, incorporating it into your company’s product, supporting the effort, or otherwise learning more, reach out to us to find out how to get involved in this important for-impact work.

Build your own

Arch is part of a small but growing consortium of companies working to bring the open-source models that have revolutionized the software industry into hardware-enabled industries like IoT. For us, this means that we make IOTile, the technology behind an Arch system, available via Open Adoption Hardware (OAH) models along with providing open-source software around the hardware.

If you are looking to start a remote-monitoring project specifically in Sustainable Development and see how our Industry 4.0 technology could help you meet your goals, reach out and connect with us. Every part of our solution is modular and interchangeable, allowing us to provide you with the parts that help while letting you build the components that are key for you.

Check out IOTile Core Tools’ open-source documentation as well as our Starter Kits or get in touch and let us know how we might partner to make more dumb machines smart around the world, empowering Industry 4.0 in Sustainable Development.

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